Eddie Long Seeks To Settle Lawsuits

Why am I not surprised. Eddie Longlegs has decided to opt out of a trial and attempt to settle with the four young men accusing him of sexual coercion. Part of me hoped his inner narcisscist would win out and he'd want his day in court, if only so he could show off more horrible lace front wigs, expensive suits and jewelry purchased with the funds from his gullible flock.

Another part of me still hopes that the guys will reject his hand out and tear this queen a new one in court, laying all his dastardly deeds bare for all to see. But hell, even if New Birth's members saw a video of Eddie simulatenously giving head and getting hit from the back by a young twink while The Dreamgirls soundtrack blasted in the background, they'd still scream "TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED! from the bottom of their deluded souls. SMH. Watch the AC360 report below: