Random Thoughts

Yes boys and girls, its that time again. All the silly, nonsensical, serious and personal observations I've been meditating on will now be regurgitated on the page.

1. Will Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday live up to the hype?

2. And speaking of Nicki, isn't her album cover both cool and a little distrubing?

3. Is it just me, or is The Event the most confusing show ever?

4. Aren't you hoping that NBC doesn't cancel Undercovers only because you want to see Boris shirtless everyone (c'mon, I know I'm not the only one lol)?

5. Why isn't Angela Bassett in For Colored Girls? Seriously, after Meet The Browns Tyler OWED her a role in this flick.

6. While we're on the subject, wanna bet that if For Colored Girls is a success, we'll be getting less music from Ms. Jackson in the future (I don't want to believe it, but Janet ain't no fool...it's been a hard 5 or 6 years sales wise...)

7.Is it just me or was Jennifer Love Hewitt's acting on Law and Order: SUV on point? I mean Ms. Hewitt gave me LIFE with that performance!

8. Aren't you intrigued/nervous about Faith Evans playing Florence Ballad in the upcoming biopic?

9. Why is Sarah Palin even relevant to the midterm elections? I mean she's not a senator, representative (she damn sure isn't a governor) or even a mayor of any city, yet she's babbling about bullshit at every Tea Party rally. Seriously, the woman couldn't even name her favorite founding father excluding George Washington.

10. And why is that Republicans can disagree with every policy (i.e. bailouts, health care etc.), but still can't come up with any specific plan of their own? President Obama may not be perfect, but he's doing better than Bush. You can't crawl out from under 8 years of crap in two years. And to paraphrase Whitney in Waiting to Exhale "once you been treated good, you can't go back to bullshit."

11. Will Obama ever get more forceful about ending DADT? I mean a federal judge has already stopped the policy dead in its tracks for the time being. Why not just finish it off?

12. I'm not a big Twilight  fan, but aren't you hoping that Bella finally gets her cherry popped in Eclipse? Seriously its been three movies...I think the tweens and teens can handle at least a little I've-just-been-turned dry humping. Or maybe Taylor and Rob will have a scene (oops did I just say that out loud:)?

13. Wasn't Oprah's episode about the down low so depressingly disappointing? I'm sure the big O or someone on her staff had a rolodex of well-adjusted, openly gay black men she could've called for the show(i.e Keith Boykin, Dr. David Malebranche, Lee Daniels). But instead it was just one big ol' mess of stereotyping and fear.

14. If Eddie Long is so rich why couldn't that girl buy a better lace front than that shag he wore during his "sermon?" And that grey two piece? Chile you not about to get beamed up to the mothership (but i bet you wish you could right now).

15. Isn't B Slade's new album a beast? If you ain't up on thangs, download it here.


1. I am hella looking forward to it, but nobody can live up to that much hype.

2. I just don't get why her legs are so long...But the cover is my favorite color (lol).

3. It's like a cross between V and LOST...

4. Boris oh BOOOORIS! I only wish it was on HBO so we can see the full Monty Hunty!

5. Now, ain't that the TRUTH! She should have atleast been given Janet's role...Not knocking Janet but damn...Angela was owed that shit. Meet The Browns was bad even by TP standards!

6. I really see her becoming a serious actress. I hated Why did I get Married; but bitch PAID it in the role, seriously.

8. This could be either really good or REALLY bad. Faith has the physical appearance down pat...But can she act? I am interested in seeing who is gonna play Diana?
9. The only reason she's still relevant is because she has a vagina. If she were a man she would have been old news a long time ago...Let's just be real.
10. You said it all honey!
Furthermore, let the record show, Obama kept every campaign promise he made.
11. I totally agree.
12. Okay, I want to be cast in the next Twilight as Taylor's booty buddy. Would that be considered as beastiality though? hahaha.
13. All O cares about are her ratings at this point. Notice how salacious and or saccharine every episode is lately. She can't go fast enough as far as I'm concerned.
14. Chiiiiile, ain't that the TRUTH? And he wears it like nobody can tell it isn't his real hair. Ho have a seat.

15. I am in love with B Slade. It is because of him I live forever...LOL