Random Thoughts....

With the end of summer(and hopefully this hellacious heat) upon us, I thought it'd be a good time for some random thoughts.

  1. Wasn't Sunday's episode of True Blood a beast? I mean you had fights, hot gay sex scenes (Eric and the Mississippi queen's lover) hot straight sex scenes (Sookie and Bill were goin' at it!) the death of Loraina (She was fabulous but that chick had to die....I mean when would she realize that Bill doesn't want you gurl?) and my gurl Pam's bitchy wit.
  2. Aren't you glad that the BP well is finally closed?
  3. And aren't you hoping (as a Louisiana resident I am) that the company doesn't just cut and run, or even worse, try to drill there again in the future?
  4. Is Lauryn Hill actually going to come out, see her shadow and make a new album? And why do we all still care so much?
  5. I can't lie, I'm a little disappointed in my girl Alicia Keys. I mean I know relationships and love are complicated, but I just never pictured Alicia as a home wrecker. Hopefully Swizz Beats, her and the baby will be happy though.
  6. And speaking of Swizz Beats, Alicia,was the sex really that good? Seriously take a look at Swizz.
  7. Wouldn't it be hot if Christina Aguilera did an album of Teena Marie covers?
  8. Don't you just love watching those ads for that spy show starring Boris Kodjoe? Granted it might just be a watered down Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but Mr. Boris is still fine! I'm just sayin'.
  9. Even though it was completely over-the-top and inappropriate, how many of us have fantasized about doing what Steven Slater did?
  10.  Speaking of Steven Slater, didn't he kind of steal the Barefoot Bandit's shine?
  11. Why don't more Americans realize that stopping Muslims from building a mosque near Ground Zero is the real anti-American act?
  12. Aren't you the least bit curious what Seth MacFarlane, a.k.a Stewie's solo album will sound like?
  13. Weren't you shocked by Fantasia whole-married-man-suicide attempt drama?
  14. Wasn't Nicki Minaj's "Your Love" video artistic and incredibly economic at the same time? You know mama probably went Bed, Bath and Beyond to get those sheets for the video!
  15. How in the hell could Prince fix his mouth to say the Internet is over? Baby you're not Jay-Z. You cannot declare an end to trends. Beside Jigga would never say that because he's a business man.
  16. Isn't Kanye's "Power" video a shoe-in for Video of The Year?
  17. Janet Jackson is funny as hell in skits. Visual proof below:


1.) Chiiiiiile, don't even get me started on Eric and talbot honey (LOL). Baaaaby, Eric is tooooo SEXY and when he said...
"Turn over" and Talbot said, "Yes Daddy" I was HOPING they would do it before Eric staked his ass! Lawd Eric is fine, y'hear me?! (Lol) oh yeah I am still hurtin over Lorena. She was shaping up into a great BITCH!
Hmmm, I'd love to see Eric, Alcide, Jason Stackhouse, and Eggs (resurrect him or something)in a fourgy...haha.
2.) Honestly, I don't think L Boogie should record a new album. Maybe just drop singles and write songs...But she made one of the definitive albums of this generation. It should stand on it's own.
3.) I love Christina, but I don't think she has Lady T's soul! But then again she might surprise us.
4.) I already got my DVR set for that Boris Kodjoe show! Honey, I would watch him in a documentary about toe jams.
5.) I am glad Steven Slater topped the barefoot bandit! One is a villain...The other is just a random person who got sick of being treated like shit on his job. Good for him!
6.) I hope Fantasia gets it together. She is far too talented and beautiful to just squander everything. She needs to get away from her family and all the other hangers on and work on Fantasia.
7.) I love me some Nicki Minaj! Lil Kim need to stay in her lane. She had her time. It is all about the Harakjuku Barbie now...lol
8.) Everybody knows I can't stand Prince...That's all. LOL
9.) 2011 will be all about Yeezy! And they will all rue the day that they tried to have him black listed over some girl that can't sing.