LGBT Artist Spotlight: Kaoz

Many an editorial has been written about whether an openly gay rapper could ever reach mainstream success. Rapper and spoken word artist Kaoz could be the one who breaks through. Kaoz pulls no punches in his music, tackling addiction ("White Girl") homophobia ("Boy Next Door 2010") and relationships with powerful poetry and nimble rhyme play. Kaoz is probably the first gay emcee that I feel like I want listen to into instead of someone I should listen to (i.e. I support him because he's an out artist even though I'm really not feeling the music) Kaoz has a couple of free downloads at his official website and you can stream the entire EP here. Listen to a few tracks off his Tyler Durden EP below:


hmmmmmm, I may need to check him out even though I am not a major hip hop fan (except for Yeezy). I am feelin what I'm hearing thus far.