Guilty Pleasure Movie Picks: Showgirls

Yes indeed. Elizabeth Berkley's (a.k.a Jessie Spano's-"I'm so excited" lmao:)' turn as raunchy, wannabe dancer Nomi Malone in Showgirls is one of my favorite guilty pleasure flicks. The movie is chock full of campy characteristics: glamour, catfights, bitchy remarks, and brazenly sexual dance numbers.

For those who haven't seen it, a quick plot summary: Nomi is a drifter who hitches a ride to Las Vegas with hopes of a becoming a big star. Along the way she meets Molli, a seamstress at the Stardust casino who lets her shack up at her trailer while she snags a job working at a sleazy strip joint called The Cheetah. Along the way she catches the eye of Cristal (like the champagne) Conners, lead dancer of a huge show at the Stardust, who simultaneously becomes her rival/ potential lover. Sex, drugs and backstabbing insue.

Part of what places Showgirls in the so-bad-that-it's-good category is the unintentional hilarity.Case in point: when Nomi is gettin' her groove on (if you can call it that) in the club. I mean seriously, what the hell was she doing on that dancefloor. Gurl you're supposed to be an aspiring dancer, not some random rave chick who's squirming like you just dropped some ketamine and are trying to crawl out of a K-hole! Then again when Nomi is peforming a lapdance for Cristal and her boyfriend Zack (a.k.a Trey from Sex And The City), flinging her back around in contortions like a dead fish. Seriously, I feared for her spinal health after making this movie.

The dialogue is another barrel of laughs. Like when Glenn Plummer's character James tells Nomi "I have a problem with pussy," or when he calls her a whore for working at the Cheetah, shouting, "It ain't right! You got too much talent for it be right! Bitch I'm tellin' you the truth! Or when Nomi shouts "You don't know shit!" at Cristal  after she threw shade at her about working at The Cheetah. Some of my other favorite lines from the film:

"Mama" Bazooms- "You betta shut yo' hole honey mine's makin' money!

Cristal Conners- "You are a whore darlin.' We take the cash, we cash the check, we show 'em what they wanna see."

Annie-"What are you lookin' at bitch!(when Julie gives her ice grill)


Lol good times. Watch a few clips below:


Okay, Elizabeth Berkley must be in the COSMOS today! LOL. Jinx!
Anyway, I've never seen this but I will now. I am into campy bitch fests lately...lmao.