Grace On Gaga: "Lady Gaga Isn't Going To Do Anything For Me"

In a recent interview and fashion layout with The London Evening Standard, legendary diva Grace Jones spoke at length about her life, career, and music, while in London to promote her new single "Love You To Life." When the interviewer brought up Lady Gaga, Ms. Jones had this to say:

"The only time she gets irritated by these personal questions is when we get on to Lady Gaga, who wants to perform with Jones. 'It keeps coming. I don't collaborate. You're born alone, you die alone, you get on stage alone. I'm better as a loner. You can collaborate in a film but to collaborate musically is something I don't do very often. I collaborated with Pavarotti because I love him and I could stretch myself and do opera. It's going to add another thing to me. Lady Gaga isn't going to do anything for me; it'll do everything for her. I'm not there to validate anyone; validate yourself.' [Emphasis mine] She is getting worked up now. Am I entering Russell Harty territory? No – she drops into her booming laugh again, puncturing her irritation with self-mockery. 'Still, it ain't my first time at the rodeo, as Joan Crawford would say."

Now anyone who reads this blog knows I love Lady Gaga. But on this point, I'd have to agree with Grace. I'm sure that part of the reason Gaga wants to collaborate with her is because she loves her music and has been influenced by her image, as she has stated before in interviews. But she's probably not blind to the fact that performing or doing a song with Grace Jones would give her a certain amount of credibility among her critics. Having a legend like Grace endorse her would add a certain layer of luster to her image.
While for Grace, it'd probably do little for her other than have Gaga's younger disciples(the preteens and teens who have no sense of music/pop culture history) and others think of her as "that crazy lady from Boomerang trying to be cool/hip/down with the kids." Ultimately, it'd only bolster Lady Gaga's "new Madonna/icon-in-the-making status" and make Grace look like a desperate has been (which she's not:) trying to ride a young star's coattails.
Oh well, I guess pop stars can't always get what they want. Of course Gaga could always sample "Slave To The Rhythm" or "Pull Up To The Bumper." But if Grace is like Prince(notoriously stingy with giving sample permission or having others cover his songs) that ain't happenin' anytime soon!
Any thoughts?
P.S. View more photos of Grace and two performances of "Love You To Life" at Rod 2.0.


Anonymous said…
I think you need to realize the obvious that none to many particularly care about that old broad, or what she thinks this side of the pond.
and you had to say that anonymously as well....fall down at least 2 flights of steps tomorrow please!! ^^
Kevin said…
@Anonymous: I think you need to reread my post. Obviously Lady Gaga thinks and cares about "that old broad," otherwise she wouldn't be trying to perform with her and mentioning her as an influence in interviews. Also, Rihanna has also bitten Ms. Jones's style hard for her current look, quiet as its kept. So those two artists(or their creative teams) must care something about her.

Granted, she isn't universally popular, but I'd hardly call her an unknown. Every black female pop star who has taken a stab at looking androgynous owes her a debt.