Random Thoughts...

Yeah, it's that time again boys and girls lol. Time to get some of the random questions and observations out of my skull and on to paper (or screen in this case). As always, feel free to respond with your own random thoughts.

1. Weren't the Grammys unusually on point for change? (with the exception of the MJ tribute).

2. Speaking of the Grammys, didn't Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Pink bring the heat with their performances? Seriously it was like a holy trinity of divadom-Beyonce as the Father (cause she's been around the longest:), Pink as the Son (cause Lawd know she baptized herself and the audience with all that water) and Gaga as the ghost (androgynous, presenting herself as neither completely male or female).

3. Isn't the height of stupidity that the U.S. military says it needs a year to "analyze the effects of gays serving openly in the military" before deciding whether to end Don't Ask Don't Tell?

4. Why do Republicans feel the need to shout "You lie!" (Joe Wilson) or mouth "Not true" Supreme Court Justices (Samuel Alito) during President Obama's speeches? Where were their mouths when Bush was duping everyone into thinking invading Iraq was a good idea or when his do-nothing ass finally decided to drop down to visit New Orleans five days after Katrina hit?

5. Will things truly improve for Haiti after all the earthquake aid has been given? Or will the country just go back to way it was before, poverty stricken and struggling?

6. Doesn't it suck that Nicki Minaj (a new rapper for those who don't know) can "claim" to be bisexual just so young straight boys will lust for her more, but Queen Latifah still can't come out despite a 20-year career for fear that she will lose it all?

7. Speaking of bisexuality, could a hip hop/R&B artist like Drake or Trey Songz just say they're bisexual and get the same response? (I think we know the answer to that)

8. Am I the only one still hoping Amy Winehouse will finally get it together and make more music?

9. Aren't you just waiting for that Tiger Woods, post sex-rehab Orpah interview? I can just see the sea of pissed off women in the audience boring holes into Woods' skull with their eyes now.

10. Who could ever play Madonna in a biopic (and yes I'm already aware of that ghastly TV movie that was on the air back in the day; although the girl who played Madonna did look a little like her, albeit a little bit older)? The movie would probably have to be around 2 1/2 to 3 hours anyway to capture Madge's full fabulousness anyways, lol.

11. Will rock music ever truly make a comeback?

12. Am I the only person who hasn't seen Avatar?


Michael Rivers said…
GREAT list of Random Thoughts!! We share many of the same concerns!!
ToddyEnglish said…
I am so late on this, but I agree with everything! lol
Gaga, Beyonce, and Pink (the Grammy trinity)made the show for me!