Black Gay Male Pledge of Allegiance


The video by senior history major Derrick at Florida A&M University gives a list of things we as black gay men should pledge to do in 2010, from learning about important figures such as Bayard Rustin, to simply loving ourselves as we are.

Derrick tells "he was inspired to create this pledge while thinking about all of the black gay men who struggle daily with their sexual orientation"."It is my goal that black gay men will ground themselves in self acceptance and self love and will refuse to internalize the hatred of other people. This is a new day and this is our pledge", adds Derrick.

I think this pledge should be taken up by every black gay man. We've all either struggled or watched others struggle with being gay, religious condemnations, alienation from family, and self-esteem. Hopefully more and more of us will be able to live out this pledge throughout the new year and beyond. Watch the video below:


Mr. FAMU said…
Great post!
ToddyEnglish said…
I loved this. I'm going to write my own individual addendum to it.
Thank you for writing and sharing this pledge. On May 9, 2012 President Barack Obama became the first United States President to indicate his personal support for same sex marriage.

As an African American straight female, I recognize the historical significance of President Obama's statement & I support it for humanity & civil rights reasons.

For a transcription of the words to the pledge superimposed on this video, click

I included a link to your blog in that post as well as the information you posted that the author of this pledge is Derrick, a history major at Florida A&M University.

Thanks again!
Here's the link to that page

If that doesn't work, just google
Pancocojams Transcription of The Black Gay Male Pledge of Allegiance