Random Thoughts....

I'm in a random kind of mood (if that makes sense:), so here's some random thoughts. Feel free to respond with your own or comment on mine:

1. Finishing school and working (I finally got a job) is sucking up all my time (hence the lack of frequent posting:). But bills never take a holiday.

2. Is it just me or is Trey Songz knowingly giving winks to his gay fans with his photoshoots/videos? I mean he always has that smirk on his face, pouting his full lips, like he's saying "Yeah boi, I know you fantasizing about me right now? Then he proceeds to flex those arms and back muscles.... whoops, let me snap back to reality lol.

3. Ms. Janet was FIERCE with a capital F at the AMA's. I hope Rihanna was in the audience in taking notes like she needed extra credit to pass a class! Janet's performance reminded me of why I loved her in the first place.

4. Speaking of the AMA's Lady Gaga brought the heat as usual. But I'm a little worried with the tour, the re-release of The Fame, and the "Bad Romance" video, she may burn out artistically, which would suck massively. But knowing Ms. Gaga she'll pull out something spectacular.

5. Why have all of R. Kelly's songs for the past five years (give or take) been about the club? I'm serious, it always about flirting, drinking, scheming, plotting, and dancing in the club. Molestation charges aside, what happened to the R. Kelly that made "If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time, "I Wish" and "When A Woman's Fed Up"?

6. The third season of True Blood needs to start right now lol. Seriously I don't think I can wait until the summertime to see Lafayette, Jason, and my gurl Pam, especially after the way last season ended.

7. Isn't that whole Wal-Mart fiasco a hot mess?

8. How much do you wanna bet that Oprah will be back with new something(tv show, network, website, her own planet) after her show goes off the air (I still can't believe that's happening...I mean the show's literally been on as long as I've been alive). Mark my words, the big O will not go gently into that good night.

9. Cartoons are so watered down nowadays. Think about it: compare the stuff in the 80's and 90's (Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, PowerPuff Girls, Dexter's Lab) to the fluff on TV now. There's hardly any inside jokes for adults or other subversive humor.

10. I have to see Precious while it's still in theaters. Something tells me it'll be one of those life-changing films.

11. Wasn't Rihanna giving us Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct with the outfit she wore for her 20/20 interview? The new album might not be quite as good as Good Girl Gone Bad, but Ri-Ri can dress her ass off.


Michael Rivers said…
Great random thoughts! Sometimes you just need to get everything out there!
ToddyEnglish said…
1. I know that's right. I only have two weeks left in my grad and I am soooooo TIRED. I've come this far only to get lazy...lol

2. Gurl, don't he though?! Trey know good and damn well that the gays love his cute self! I have him as a facebook friend and be right there giggling about how sexy he is with the rest of the girls (venacular)...lol.

3. With the release of Rated R Ri-Ri has COMPLETELY distanced herself from Janet. The album is DARK (and not because she's adopted an edgier clothing style).

4. I have gaga's latest album. It's only eight songs long but I'm in love with SEVEN of them! Miss Gaga is it. Love her!

5. Because fools are buying that mess...

6. LMAO we're both Pam groupies. She's like a cross between Michelle Pfieffer and Bette Davis. I love her bitchy ways!

8. Oprah is not somebody that can go home and start knitting. She will be even MORE visible once the show goes.

9. I watch NOTHING but 80's cartoons, y'hear me?!