Stories From The Battefield: Looking For A Job Is A Job!

Anyone who's been looking for job in the past (let's just say 1-2 years) knows what I'm talking about. I've only been applying and searching in earnest since August, and if trying to find a part-time gig is this frustrating, I can only imagine how difficult my post-grad future might be.

Applying at Wal-Mart has been one source of aggravation. Everytime I call(which is usually several times a week) to check on the status of my application or to see if it's even been glanced at, I'm always dismissed with we'll call if there's a need. Really, a need? If there isn't a need then why is it that everytime I walk into Wally World after 11 p.m. are there boxes and boxes of items that need to be stocked and only 5 or 6 employees present to stock them? Or there are runaway carts all over the damn parking lot? But you don't have a need? Sure. Why not just be honest and say you're not hiring right now.

Ooh, and chile don't get me started on some of the applications. Why is it important where I went to grammar school? If I have my high school diploma I obviously made it out of someone's middle school. Then there are the questionnaires. Do you really think I'm going to say it's alright to steal company property (for the record I don't) and yell at customers and expect to be hired by any manager with an ounce of sanity? They can be so tricky because you have to balance between being honest enough so don't think you're a phony, but you also can't be too real otherwise they'll think you're not a team player or a constant bundle of cheer.

Another issue seems to be writing your available hours. It's always catch 22, and you can never be completely honest. On the one hand you have to put down that you can work weekends, holidays, funerals(lol), and pretty much imply that you have no life, or you can't even hope for a call back. But at the same time, when you say during an interview that you have other committments and would need to adjust your hours, it's a problem.

Being strung along by potential employers can also be irritating. I've been going to this particular place (I won't say which one in the off, off chance it will be read by the manager---I'm paranoid like that sometimes:) and at least three times I've been told to come back the next because this person's boss hasn't shown up. I always think damn, who is he Big Papa from Real Housewives of Atlanta! I've already filled out an application, gotten a call back and am still trying to get on for a seasonal position. Once I went there and waited for the guy to just send my information to the store manager (or the main office or something). Hell I could've saved my gas and done that over the phone!

*Sigh* but even with all that, pounding the pavement is a necessity. Luckily I don't have any children or many bills ( I couldn't imagine being a parent and having that extra pressure) and being a musician brings in some spare cash. Eventually I'll get a job--and then write a post airing my complaints lol!

Anyone else have any job hunting tales to tell?


ToddyEnglish said…
Baaaby, you are PREACHIN to the AMEN corner!
It is so ridiculous! After I completed my last degree (almost three years ago)I searched for a good (emphasis on good)job to NO avail. The ONLY reason I even went back to school for another degree was because my BA wasn't helping me get jack shit. However, even though I'm graduating soon I am still petrified getting back out there! I am scared as hell...can't even lie. I didn't get into all this student loan debt to work at Target!

Oh check it...

Almost a year ago I applied to work some seasonal hours at a Starbucks inside of a Target. Basically, all you do at Starbucks is make a cup of coffee. Okay, why in the hell did I need to go through a THREE interview process, for a seasonal job, making coffee? You can train MONKEYS to do that.
The employers are truly getting obnoxious with the requirements of a job. But why shouldn't they? I'm a graduate in my 20's battling seasoned CEO's in their 40's and 50's for part time jobs in retail sales right now.


Chile, let me quit cuz I can go on.