No Freakum Dresses For Malaysia

Beyonce has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia amid objections by Islamic conservatives that her performance would be too sexual.

Knowles, known for her provocative clothes and choreography, had been scheduled to perform at a Kuala Lumpur stadium Oct. 25. The show "has been postponed to a future date to be announced shortly," Malaysian entertainment company Marctensia said in a statement.

"The postponement is solely (the) decision of the artist and has nothing to do with other external reasons," the statement said.

A Marctensia representative declined to say whether the decision was prompted by criticism from the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, the country's largest opposition group, which has called for the show to be scrapped because it would promote "Western sexy performances."

Knowles also canceled a planned performance in Malaysia in 2007 following protest threats by the opposition Islamic party. At the time, her talent agency said the show was called off due to a scheduling conflict.

Instead, Knowles went to Indonesia, also a largely Muslim country, which has less stringent rules about how performers should dress and behave. Female artists at Malaysian concerts are required by government rules to cover up from the shoulders to knees, with no cleavage showing.

Other female stars, such as Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani have performed in the conservative country despite similar protests, and wore clothes that showed little flesh. Lawd I'd hate to see what would happen if Lil' Kim tried to do a show there lol!


ToddyEnglish said…
It's a Muslim country. Enough said.
Too bad. They are going to miss a helluva show!