The Advocate Analyzes Obama

I'm going to be honest. I expected to read the Advocate's cover story, hear some self-absorbed rich queens from Castro and Chelsea whine about how Obama has been a complete disappointment and how all gays should've voted for Hilary, and fire off an angry rant-and-rave style post.

But, in my opinion, the article was more nuanced than that. While the writer certainly brought up or criticized the Obama administration for certain past actions, like the horrendous DOMA brief and inviting Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration, much of the article was about the gay community itself. It was more a challenge to LGBT folks to look in the mirror than a laundry list of complaints.

In my personal opinion there is still reason to be hopeful about Obama's stance on gay issues. I still believe the president is a friend to the gay community and will push for issues that affect us, such as hate crimes legislation. Again the man has only been in office only eight months, and I would like to be assured that the economy is on the upswing and health care is more affordable. Being able to marry or serve in the miliary, while certainly important, won't mean much if I'm dead broke because I can't find a job or sick as a dog because I can't afford health care.

While gays should definitely hold Obama accountable for his campaign promises and maintain a critical eye, I feel it's far too early to strike a "woe-is-me" pose.