Top 10 'Sista Gurl' Songs

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. The songs that make your mama, female cousins, sisters, aunts or even Big Mama (or little mama in my case, since my grandmother is thin) in some cases go mmmmmmhmmmm. Let's get into the list:

Jill Scott- Gettin In The Way

Of course this track had to be on the list--the first two words are sista girl lol! Ms. Scott's rant about an ex-girlfriend who can't let go is tailor made for neck-rollin'. My favorite line: You keep lyin' to my man, girlfriend I'm gon take you into the middle of this street and whoop yo' ass/For all it's worth/ $5.99 or something like that/

Erykah Badu-Tyrone

You know I had to put Ms. Badu on the list. This track from her live album tears down a pitiful brother who has no job, cash or car. A sidenote: I once witnessed a tipsy queen belt this out a karoke bar in a room full of straight folks. He got especially loud when he sang the lines Now everytime I ask you for a little cash/You say no but turn right around and ask me for some ass/. To drive his point home he tooted up his booty and pointed to it for extra emphasis.

Mary J. Blige-Not Gon Cry

No sista gurl song list is complete without this breakup anthem from 1995. I think this was one Mary's best vocal performances both technically and artistically. She sang like she lived Bernandine's story. I'm sure the number of clothes-related arsons increase after this song dropped lol.

Sunshine Anderson-Heard It All Before

I loved this track when it came out in '01. Whatever happened to her? Ms. Anderson sang lines like What was you thinking/Bringing her into our home/ Up in our bed/You musta fell and bumped yo head/ With such conviction you'd swear you could hear the finger snaps and teeth sucks through the speakers.

Faith Evans-You Gets No Love

Singing over what I call a "Big Boss Music" beat, Faith tells off a cheating boyfriend and busts out a couple of freestyles to boot.

Janet Jackson-Son of Gun

Of course I couldn't leave out Janet. Ms. Jackson got downright nasty on a ex with this track off her All For You album. Lines like Ha ha/Hoo Hoo/Thought you'd get the money too/Greedy motherfuckers try to have they cake and eat too/ Had me rolling everytime I played the song. I guess Ms. Jackson doesn't suffer golddiggers gladly.

TLC-No Scrubs

The song that officially signaled TLC's comeback ruffled some feathers when it came out back in '99. Most notably the Sporty Thieves (I think I got their name right), who made an answer song "No Pigeons.'

Aretha Franklin-Respect

All the songs previously mentioned must bow down and kiss the ring of The Queen of Soul's version of "Respect." Aretha is the ultimate soul singer and this song is one of the reason why. A classic.

Chante Moore-Chante's Got A Man

Ms. Moore testified about finding a good man in this 1998 jam. The lines He always treats me right/We never fight/He sends me flowers and wines and dines/Took me home to meet his mama/ Had me wondering "Damn where is this man at? And does he have a gay brother/cousin;)?

Whitney Houston-Shoop (Exhale)

Ms. Whitney had the whole world saying shoop with this song from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. With all her Bobbay! BOBBAY! drama over the hears, lawd knows she came relate to this track. I bet ol' girl's been exhaling since the ink dried on the divorce papers.


ToddyEnglish said…
Chile, I had my Mary/Bernadine moment a couple of years ago. Can't nobody not relate to Mary when she go on about relationship drama.

And don't be in the car with me when Tyrone comes on. Baby, we are going to pull over on the side of the road and reenact the whole With extreme emphasis on, "Wait, hold up Listen POTNAH I ain't no cheap THRILL!"