Let's Get Unconscious Honey

The following entry is about different dreams I've had at different points of my life. Some are a little violent and sexual, while others have actually mirrored my real life and resulted in deja vu experiences. Anyways, feel free to interpret what they mean if you wish:)

* * *

I am in a house full of melting clocks. I walk through the different rooms of the house, some filled with light and others steeped in darkness. There are all types of clocks: grandfather clocks, digital clocks and so on. After making my way through the maze of clocks and rooms, I stand at the foot of a long staircase. A giant clock embedded in the wall is located at the top. As I start to make my way someone catches my attention and says "Time to wake up!"

But I don't. Instead I'm in a house, either my own or my great aunt's, who'd recently passed at the time. Her death was little rough for me, because she was the first person I was close to who passed away. Not to mention I'd prayed fervently that she be healed of the cancer ravaging her body, so her death symbolized a crisis of faith of sorts for me. Anyway, as I walk through the house I see her lying on the couch. She looks peaceful and healthy. She tells me that everything's alright, that she's proud of me or something to that effect. Then I wake up.

* * *
I find myself in an abandoned old house in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. It is a scene straight out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Getting up out of bed, I make my way to the bathroom. As I look in the mirror, a creature that looks like it fought its way out of the pits of hell stares back at me. He looks like a cross between Leatherface and Drahmin from Mortal Kombat(for my video game heads:). He skins looks like it's been eaten alive by maggots and roaches, while one of his arms is made of metal. I barely manage to move out the way before he screeches and smashes the sink to bits. I run for dear life ou the house out into a grassy field, with the hellbeast in hot pursuit.

Somehow I elude him and for some foolish reason, walk back to the house. My housemates' rooms are covered in blood, but there are no bodies ( maybe the bastard ate them or something). True to horror movie form, the beast clubs me from behind, leading to a massive beatdown. But suprisingly, I don't gush blood and die. No matter how many blows he lands, none hurt me. I survive the terror until I wake up.

* * *
Who knows how this dream cropped up, but by some twist of fate I found myself in a foursome with Nas, Dr. Dre and some random girl. As Dre and the girl look on, me and Nas make out first, as he tongues me ferociously and grabs my booty with a vengeance. Shirts come off next, followed by pants and boxer as we continue to make out on the bed. As he playfully pins me down I think damn, Nas must've been working out! He licks his lips and gives me a look like he wants to tear me apart. Game time being over, he turns aggressive, climbs on top of me and proceeds to plow me like a damn cornfield. Of course I loving every minute, but this being a dream, it ends way too soon.

The next thing I know, me and Dre are going at it. However this time I'm the aggressor, and quickly bend him over and handle my business. Unfortunately, the good doctor's beside manner is less than stellar. He expects me to do all the work and is overall selfish in the sack. For that he is quickly dissed and dismissed by all. Lawd why couldn't it have been LL! I barely remember what happened with the girl, which I guess isn't shocking given my current orientation lol;).

* * *

At various times, when I meet someone or hear someone say something or find myself in certain places or events, I have the feeling I've already been there before, or knew that I would be. One concrete example of this was when I was in 7th grade. I dreamed of what algebra class I'd be in in the 9th grade, complete with the exact chair, classroom and teacher. And it all came true, even though the only part of the school I'd seen was the pool and the cafeteria. Another time, I dreamt I was in a choir stand with a bunch of people I'd never met before. Maybe six months to a year later, I was in that church singing with that same group of people, one of which is now my boyfriend. In one dream I was at what appeared to be sound check playing a white guitar onstage (I'm really hoping that one comes true lol:). These incidents may seem small or inconsequential , but I often have these deja vu-type moments.

* * *

The last dream I'll mention is one that happened when I was nine. In the dream I became sick with either the flu or pneumonia and was promptly rushed to the hospital. I suppose everyone is there, but I specifically remember my mother telling me to hold on and that things will be ok. Sadly they aren't and I die. I remember taking that last breath felt like plunging into the deepest swimming pool ever, and having no need to come up for air. Like falling off a cliff, but with no fear of hitting the ground.

I found myself in a peaceful, serene place. Whether it was heaven or not I'm not sure, but I soon find myself back on earth, surrounded by an aura of white light. I pass by kids I used to play with at P.E. and recess, watching them laugh. Of course they can't see me. I act as a detached observer watching folks on the bus, in my neighborhood and at school. The only person who can see me is my mother. Suprisingly, I don't remember this as a sad dream. Maybe cause it sounded like the plot of a T.V. movie lol. What I do remember is the next day walking to the bus stop with a new appreciation for life. I guess dreaming you dropped dead and came back can do that for you.


ToddyEnglish said…
If you see a clock (or in your case clocks) in your dream that signifies the importance of time in some aspect of your conscious life. It may be about a matter of significant import that you feel is closing in on you. You may have a deadline or some other time-sensitive issue that is needling at you. This probably means that you need to get started on something ASAP. If the clock is chiming then time is probably running out. However, clocks can also be symbolic for the human heart (tick tock in exchange of heart beats).If the clock has stopped then that possibly signifies death or dying. This type of dream is common in the terminally ill or dying…Perhaps that is why your aunt made a cameo? Perhaps you are subconsciously taking into account that life is really short and that time is finite. Do you remember the clock having a certain time? If so that might be really significant...

Dream Two...
Alright, when you dream about a Monster chasing you it means there is a side of yourself that you find ugly and repulsive. The monster will always defeat you until you deal with those innermost demons. The fact that you survive the monster’s attacks means that you are learning how to cope with whatever issues you have in your waking life. The amount of spilled blood in your dream is also telling. Spilled blood represents being emotionally drained. The Monster and the blood go in conjunction with one another.

Dream Three…
Chiiiiile, this one was….uhm….Hell, let me get my bearings. A fully worked out NAS?! Oh my goodness gracious. I wanna be in that one….mmmmhmmmm.
Uhm, let me quit and interpret…
Alright, to dream you are getting sexual with celebrities represents ambition and the desire for great success. It is symbolic that with NAS you played the “bottom” role and with Dre you just whipped it out and handled your business. Are you a NAS and DRE fan? If that is the case there are some aspects of these two that you admire and would like to implement in your own life. Celebs are like modern day heroes. When we see this particular motif in dreams there are certain things about that celeb that we find admirable and appealing. Now, adding to the fact that you had anal sex in the dream represents submission. In some waking area of your life you are afraid to submit to something (or someone) but you really want to.

Dream Four…
Déjà vu! That happens to me all the time. That is why I still believe in past lives and reincarnation…

Dream Five…
When you dream that you die that symbolizes a rebirth in your waking life. The old you has passed away and a new you is being born. It really is that simple.