Gay Couple Gets Kicked Out of Restuarant

This would've never happened at Taco Bell. Five men were thrown out of Chico's Taco restaurant in El Paso, TX after two were seen kissing.

According to the El Paso Times, in the early morning hours of June 29 police responded to a call to a Chico’s Tacos restaurant in El Paso after security guards at the eatery ordered five men to leave the premises after two of them were seen kissing.

The restaurant patrons allege one of the security guards told them the restaurant didn’t allow “that faggot stuff” on the premises.

Under El Paso by-laws, it is illegal for restaurants to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, the ACLU says.

But, instead of enforcing the by-law, police allegedly threatened the restaurant patrons with a citation for “homosexual activity.”

According to the local Fox affiliate, police cited “a Texas law banning homosexual activity,” but “the law, however, has been struck down by the Supreme Court and is not enforced.”

The ACLU stated that the city forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, and police should have enforced the ordinance. The incident has also attracted protests from gay rights supporters, while one of the men, Carlos Diaz de Leon, has filed a complaint with police. Leon has been the victim of hate calls since the incident.