It's The Return Of The Old School

My fellow gays (and assorted straights) rejoice! Both Whitney Houston and Sade plan to release new albums this year. After who knows how many pushbacks and release dates, Nippy's new album is set to be released in the fall. Of course earlier this year she got her feet wet by performing at Clive's pre-Grammy party, and while she wasn't wailing like it was 1985, she clearly had been working on restoring her pipes.

Sade also seems to have come out of hibernation and will also release a new album later this year. In case you forgot, Sade's last album was Lover's Rock which featured my jams "By Your Side" and "King of Sorrow." Ms. Sade will also turn 50 this year (damn that's hard to believe). Hopefully these ladies new music will show the rookies what a true diva is.


ToddyEnglish said…
I've only been a casual fan of Whitney...
However, I love the hell out of a Sade! I am positively thrilled! Sade is that rare artist that stays out of the limelight until the muse speaks...That is why I love her and Maxwell both.
This is my album buyin year honey!