Last Night I Had A Dream....

Okay, this is completely random, but last night I had one of those extended dreams that come along rarely. Anyways, somehow me, a group of friends, and random folks got into some insane, apocalyptic battle with a group of vampires. Of course their leader was one of those ultra sinister types who wanted kill and/or enslave all humans. I guess we defeated them but the leader vowed he would be back to annihilate our asses or something like that.

Anyways after the battle we went back to our house, where I was staying with two fabulous girls who must've been my hags. We gabbed about how we'd just survived a vicious vampire attack. We also spent some of the night convincing a cutie not to go to the club lest the vampires had a surprise attack planned for him.

The next day we were all in some Times Square style part of town hanging out when I noticed the sky was getting progressively darker. I told everyone I was about to home when a woman who I assumed was one of my friends' grandma asked if I could walk with her to one the boutiques to get something. (We were at one of those outside malls). She reminded me of the old woman from Drag Me To Hell. But I digress.
As we were making our way back The sky turned pitched black as a blood red fog covered everything. I heard a loud, cataclysmic crash that sounded like a crater had just been blown in the Earth. The next thing I knew a tank the size of Texas burst out the ground. My first thought was Ooooooooh Shit! I turned the corner to run but saw five or six smaller things that looked like tanks barreling towards me.

As I rounded the curb I saw a vampire pointing what looked like an AK-47 at me as he snarled with a wicked laugh, revealing gnarled rotten teeth and inch long fangs. As I made it around the other side of the boutique, I saw people who looked frozen in place. Vampires stood calmly beside them, as if they'd exerted some sort of mind control over them. Maybe they'd struck a deal with some warlocks or something lol. Others were being shuffled along by other vampires to some unknown destination. For some inexplicable reason I also saw my real-life aunt and uncle pass by. My aunt was walking on crutches. I found my friends, who'd somehow managed to avoid whatever mind control magic the vampires had worked. I quickly sat down by them as we talked about what I assume was a battle plan.

Then I woke up.


ToddyEnglish said…
Okay, as you probably already know, I am into this kind of

Anyway, from what I've read Vampires symbolize: seduction, sensuality, fear, and death. A vampire can represent nobility and aggression all at once.

Is there someone in your life that maybe charming yet you find him or her emotionally draining(For the record I can relate. Recently had to break a "friendship" because of it)?


For all intents and purposes a vampire takes life to preserve it's own. It doesn't literally mean a physical death in as much as it is perhaps an emotional one. They will leech off your energy and in turn leave you with NOTHING (dead). Or maybe it isn't a person but a job or something else making you feel overwhelmed. When you go to war with vampires in your dreams you're fighting off a negative influence that is draining you.

It might be representative of either an obsessive relationship, a drug addiction, or any other vice that is bad for you but you can't seem to break away from.

Also, the sky in your dream was red. Red denotes passion and anger as well as sexual intensity. So the sky turning red is conducive to the fact that you're at war with vampires (ironically blood is red too. Vamps drink blood).
ToddyEnglish said…
Also, if you see a truck or army tank then that signifies a willingness to protect yourself by any means necessary. You maybe expressing a deap seated hurt or anger in an aggressive manner towards the vampires that may be plaguing your life.


For all I know you could have done a Blade/Underworld Marathon before you went to
Kevin said…
Hmmm, I never thought about it like that, because I've had many surreal dreams similar to that one.

But it there were any 'vampires' I'm currently dealing with it could be my current thoughts/beliefs about religion. Part of me wants to break from it completely, but another part is afraid of what I could lose if I do.