Joe Jackson Needs To Shut Up

Leave it to 'ol Joe Jackson, the stage parent to end all stage parents, to make a buck in a time of grief. While being interviewed by CNN at the BET Awards, Papa Joe responded to questions about his family's emotional state with blase comments like "Oh we're fine," "Everything's great."

Joe, did you see your daughter Janet onstage last night on the verge of tears? That didn't look fine to me. Or were you too busy gettin' your groove on in the audience? But I could give even that questionable act a pass, because everyone deals with grief in their own way. It's not like I expected the man to be curled up in his seat in a fetal position bawling the whole night.

But that wasn't enough. Besides having his publicist read a prepared statement for him (even though he could've easily answered the question himself since he was standing right there), he also took to time promote his new record label. That's right Joe: don't worry about your son's untimely tragic death. There's coins to be made. Watch Joe's interview below and Janet's appearance below, and tell me who's truly grieving.


ToddyEnglish said…
I watched that and I officially LOATHE Joe Jackson. He is the ultimate reason why Michael was (rest his soul)so fucked up. His child was NOTHING but a product to him...When asked how he felt about his SON'S death Joe replied, "We just lost the biggest pop star in the world." I wanted to beat the living shit out of him when he said that. He wasn't just a pop star. He was your CHILD you arrogant son of a bitch.

No, Joe is not beat up over it. He is probably glad that he can finally get to Michael's assets. I pray that Mike made his will iron tight. And I think Janet should get the kids. We all know that Joe and Katherine were not the best parents...

As for Janet I love her even more now. What a beautiful tribute and the fact that she gathered herself enough to speak on behalf of her brother moved me to TEARS! Love her.