I Love Lady Gaga!

There are few new music artists that I really get excited about and become invested in. Kanye West was one--I even wrote a paper in sociology class about him-- Amy Winehouse was another, at least until she started taking hits from the crack pipe.

Now I can add Lady Gaga to that list. When I first heard "Just Dance" I thought it was cool club track, but then as I heard other songs, like "Poker Face," "The Fame," "Love Game," and Paparazzi," I've become hooked. What's really got me however is Ms. Gaga's image, that crazy-ass mix of Space Channel 5(I know someone remembers that game lol!) garb and sex kitten chic. Everytime I see her I think this chick is ridiculous. But I love it lol! While her concepts(the glamour and absurdity of celebrity, knowingly ironic and superficial pop music) are not entirely original, they're still refreshing compared to Miley Cyrus' and the Jonas Brother's tunes.

I also love that fact that she's taking so much effort to craft her image and videos and inject pop music with peformance art. That and the fact that the chick is witty, irrevent and doesn't give a damn if people know she's bi. I can't to hear what her next album will sound like and what her image will look like next.

Get into a couple of Lady Gaga vids below:


ToddyEnglish said…
Chile, I love her too. My friend Darius turned me onto Lady gaga and needless to say I've gone...well...Ga ga!
What I love about her is that she LOOKS like a celebrity. As you've stated the performance art aspect of her show is righteous. I'm lovin that artists like: Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Beyonce (my FAVORITE), and Adam Lambert are bringing back the glam in Entertainment. It is long overdue.
Anyway, yeah I love her too. haha.