Beware the Google Scam!

I usually don't fall for these online get rich quick scams, but hey, I'm human (not to mention broke!). For those who are unaware there's some company going around offering you the chance to make hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars a day if you order Easy Google Profit kit and create websites that include Google advertisements. What makes this scam more believeable is a news article that pops up detailing the wonders of Easy Google Profit, including quotes and testimonials.

DON"T FALL FOR IT! The fine print, which I neglected to read, says that the company is unaffiliated with Google. They also didn't mention that if you don't cancel within 7 days you will be charged a fee of about $70 monthly, which I learned from customer complaint messages boards I visited after second thoughts started to creep in. But I really knew I'd been had when I tried to call back the number that the "representative" called me from and I got a "this number is not available or has been disconnected" phrase. The only legal way to make money off ads from Google is Adsense, which is completely free to sign up for. And trust, Google is not about to allow any and everybody to make thousands of dollars of day off advertising! (I should've seen the red lights, I know lol *smh:). Lucklily I was able to go to bank today and get my debit card canceled, so those lowdown bastards can't take me for anymore than the $1.97 I was initially charged.

Anyways the moral of the story is this: If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!


Brian Elliott said…
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