Flashback: Freakout Edition

This is still funny. I swear I can't watch this without rewinding it at least 10 times. A little background: Marguerite Perrin is an extreme religous fundamentalist,(and Lawd, she just had to be Louisiana! My state has such a bad reputation!) so of course, to appease the gods of good ratings, Trading Spouses placed her with a family who believes in, I guess I'll call it, new age/unitarianism. The whole episode is posted on Youtube and is hilarious, but the last part had me rolling for months. Here it is:


ToddyEnglish said…
Oh my goodness, I remember her I remember her!

That bitch was crazy! Oh my goodness heavens to BETSY! LMAO.

Sometimes even I have to drop to my knees and pray for somebody like that...lol
ToddyEnglish said…
Lawd have mercy I just watched it again...

That bitch is looney toons, y'hear me?!

You can tell the husband is only stayin for the children. When that little one turns 18 he is headin for the hills and will probably marry a wiccan.