OMG! Madonna is Rich!

Some people can find a way to complain about anything. Seems like some folks have their undies in a twist because Madonna showed up in Malawi wearing a $2800 black velour track suit and white fedora. Here's some of the comments:

"disgusting. Her outfit could pay to feed a hundred Malawian families"

"It's not about Madonna and where she can afford to shop.Imagine the starving children ads featuring a kindly old bearded guy pointing out hungry tots as he sucks on a cold beer.Judgement and sensitivity should come with the ability to fund good works. She should have known this would get media attention and would detract from the real issues she is trying to address... hunger, poverty and ignorance in epic proportions."

"It's not so much that it is inapproriate wear, it is that she is unaware that it's inapropriatte that is the the problem."

No what's really the problem is that people are paying attention to something so trivial, instead of the fact she's working to build a school to benefit Malawi's children, raise funds, hell raise awareness that Malawi even exists (I'd never heard of it before, did you?). What did they expect Madge to do, show up in a burlap sack with her hair in a jheri curl cap? "Well I guess I betta dress po' since I'se goin' down to Africa to get a negro child! Let me pick up some dish rags from the Goodwill." Puh-lease! These people might have had a point if she showed up dripping in diamonds and high fashion threads and posed for the paparazzi, brandishing an African child like it was the latest accessory. Or looked like this:

or this:

But she didn't. And I seriously doubt any of those kids sucked their teeth and said "I know Ms. Girl didn't show up here in a $2800 tracksuit!" Guess sometiimes you can't win for losing. Get into Madonna's documentary I Am Because We Are below:


ToddyEnglish said…
Madonna has paid her dues. She came from nothing and is now a cultural ICON. She has the right to FLOSS if she wants to.

To all of those people complaining about her adopting Malawian children (okay, I am now convinced Malawians have the cutest children in the world) AND helping the people of that country...

Uhm, STFU and put your money where your mouth is. ATLEAST Madonna is apart of the solution and not the problem.

Anyway, Lourdes looks just like her mother...Only a Latin version of