Oh No She Didn't!

Yea she did. Rising R&B star Keri Hilson takes aim at Beyonce and Ciara in a remix to "Turnin' Me On" featuring T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Apparently Ms. Hilson went to the 50 Cent school of career advancement and majored in Starting Beef 101. Maybe B threw shade at her at a party? Ciara didn't know her name when asked about her in an interview? Who knows.

Now usually I wouldn't defend Ms. Knowles because I'm a casual fan at best (but if she dissed Madonna or Janet it would've been ON! I'm just sayin'). But Keri....recognize who you're talkin' about. Beyonce has sold millions of records and had a ton of hits both as a solo artist and as part of Destiny's Child, a group that people still want to reunite. She has the fashion, music and movie (unfornately) worlds at her feet. She makes a video and gay boys across the land run to learn the steps and mimic her every strut, swish and dip. My point: like it or not Beyonce is the biggest star in the world of music.

You on the other hand have been featured on one hit ("The Way I Are"), had a sort-of-hit ("Energy"), and are now having your first real hit solo single. I guess with Rihanna currently sidelined and B being such a huge star, you see an opening for superstardom and are taking it. I can see the sense in that strategy. But do you really want Beyonce's army of gay boys to descend upon you? Tearing down your every wardrobe choice? Ripping your live vocals to shreds, watching like hawks for the slightest error in pitch or the first bad note? Do you really want to feel the full wrath of the rainbow coaltion? Don't think so.

Yea I'm sure you got a gay squad at this point, but until you reach at least platinum status, you're no match for Beyonce's army of queens. 'Cause hell hath no fury like a gay boy whose diva has been scorned. I'm sure B will take the Jay-Z route and not respond. But like I said: recognize who you're talkin' about.

You'd do better concentrating your efforts on Ciara, who's little bit more on your level in terms of fame. Perhaps her gays will become your gays. Hell you might get a lesbian or two, cause you know Ci Ci likes to butch it up every now and then.

I won't take the time to list her credentials because honestly I don't care that much about her as an artist. Of course there is another thing for you to consider: You could just sing and do you and see how far that would get you. See how far hard work and talent could take you. Because for all the criticism she faces B ain't never been known for startin' beef.

Note: This post is intended for those with a sense of humor. Seriously, I don't want anyone coming at me with record sales statistics to prove who's the ultimate diva. This ain't BGC.

Listen to the remix below:


ToddyEnglish said…
All I have to say is...uhm...who is Keri Hilson???

This girl could not even career Beyonce's stillettos!

Alright, I'm bias. I'm a Beyonce uber fan. However, don't try and be shady when no one even knows who you are girlfriend.