Miracle Water=Blessings?

Damn maybe I should stock up on some Dasani. According to the good "reverend" Peter Popoff if you guzzel his miracle spring water (Now in a bigger size!) the Lord's blessings will be on you like white on rice. *Ugh* Stuff like this sometimes makes me hope the afterlife has a V.I.P. section lol:). Apparently Peter was a popular "healing" (and I use that word lightly) televangelist back in the day, but was exposed by skeptic James Randi and declared bankruptcy in 1987, before making a comeback with his Holy Vitamin Water in 2007. Watch the craziness unfold below, and watch Randi expose him:


ToddyEnglish said…
His name is really Peter Popoff? Well, if he ever gets tired of the ministry he can always go into gay porn!