Don't Hate, Congratulate

Yes, I did just use that 1998 phrase lol. I fail to understand the reason why people are getting so bent out of shaped over Michelle Obama's decision to wear a black sleeveless dress, but apparently some of the folks over at ABC News see her attire as a sign of the decline of the First Lady mystique:

"That is just pure nasty"

"What's next? Halter top and hot pants?"

"One of our supreme court justices opining on another matter said that he "knew" "something" when he saw it. If the word at issue here is "class," we all from our individual life's experiences know "class" when we see it. Regrettably, Michelle Obama has chosen to pursue a fashion course which is anything but "class," particularly when viewed through the prism of the position which she holds. I guess we get to lament all sorts of outcomes from the November fiasco."

"Honestly, she is so out of season that is bugs the heck out of me, and I'm not a big fan of fashion. This is ONE MORE WAY the Obamas say without speaking that they are better than the rest of us. If this were July, I'd say it was a pretty hot casual look, but for a professional look in March in the Northern U.S., it is completely out of step -- as are the Obamas. The nation has figured out that Barack is not the Messiah, the market is reacting and plummeting, and the fact that the Obamas can't see that they need to step up protocol and play within the system in actions, dress, and political methodology, leads me to fear for the nation."

To these commenters I say what the hell are you babbling about? The woman wore a basic black sleeveless dress with pearls, and you're all reacting like she took a picture in booty shorts and a see through top. Plus unlike some of our previous presidential wives, Michelle has the arms to pull it off, and you know I'm tellin' the truth.

And all the rantings about it being out of season and not right for winter? Please! A hundred, 50 or even 10 years from now when students are flipping through history books, I seriously doubt they'll stare at this picture and think "Ooh that's so out of season! I can't believe she wore that during the winter time!" I'm sure if Sarah Palin took a similar photo people would be gushing about elegant and Karen Walker-like she looks (sorry just had throw the Will and Grace reference in there:). *Sigh* Some people just live to get pissed off about anything. Some of the posters did have some sense however:

"To be physically fit and wear something flattering means she is arrogant.......the fact that her arms are toned and she bares them means she is showing off. You people are beyond ridiculous........and your veil of bigotry is paper thin. The fact of the matter is that nothing black will ever be beautiful to you....but guess what no one cares anymore what you think, so grab your bottle of Xanax and get back to living your WONDERFUL LIFE!"


ToddyEnglish said…
Chile, you hit the nail on the head. This ain't nothing but HATIN!
You know whenever the gorgeous woman walks down the street the ugly ones are going to start throwin shade left, right, North, and South!
They know that sistah (Mrs. O)is workin those fabulous shoulders.
That outfit compliments her so completely. The lines are straight, which definitely accentuates her stately height. And those pearls just REALLY bring her out. The hair is on point, and we already know girlfriend got some pretty teefs.
It was all over perfect. So what if it's out of season? Are Californians out of season for wearing shorts in December (considering that is NEVER gets cold)?
Yeah, this is a severe case of hateration!
Mrs. O looks like a presidential black WONDER WOMAN.
ToddyEnglish said…
Oh but I do need to add that most of these comments were probably made by angry, racist, and disgruntled white people.
The fact that Obama has only been in office 32 days and hasn't been able to correct a mess that was created over the last 15-16 years is years is telling.
These white folks is mad as HELL!
"This is just another way the Obamas are saying they are better than us!" said one...Translation: "She's an uppity NIGGER!"