Throwback Mix: Female Rappers

*Sigh* Where have all the female emcees gone? While there are a few still kickin' around-Trina, Lil' Mama, Jean Grae and Jackie-O come to mind-the visibility of female rappers is nowhere near where it was in the 80's and 90's. Hopefully in the '09 the major players will release new albums (Missy, Eve,) stay out of jail (Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown) or comeback with a vengeance (Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa)

Queen Latifah : Unity


ToddyEnglish said…
I've been asking this very same question. Where have all the female emcees gone?! The ladies used to represent! Now the closest you have females coming to rap is an r&b singer with hip hop clothes and a bandana...
Hopefully, hip hop (hell black music in general)gets a 90's style revitalization pretty soon.