T.D. Jakes' Son Busted for Indecent Exposure

Jermaine Jackson, son of T.D. Jakes, pastor of Dallas-based megachurch The Potter's House, was arrested for whipping out his wiggy and masturbating in front of two undercover officers on Jan. 3. Oh what a tangled web the anti-gay weave:

"According to a Dallas Police Department arrest warrant affidavit obtained by CBS 11 News, Jakes exposed himself to two undercover vice detectives at Keist Park on January 3. The affidavit says Jakes walked up to one of the detectives at the park with his pants unzipped. Jakes then began to masturbate while making eye contact with the detective, according to the affidavit."

Although Jakes is definitely saner than most conservative black ministers when it comes to sexuality--he supports addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis in the black community and welcomed members of Soulforce, a pro-gay religious group--he opposes gay marriage and expansion of hate crimes. In the past he has also called homosexuality a "brokeness" and said he would not hire a sexually active gay person. With his arrest, Jermaine Jakes undoubtedly took those words to heart. You can read the whole police report here.