Some posts don't need a title. This is the face of abuse. It is not pretty. It is sad and unfortunate. This is the face people should remember everytime they go through contortions to defend Chris Brown or anyone who perpetuates abuse. Even with this graphic picture people are still bending over backwards to make excuses: "It was photoshopped, " "I need to see a video," "Why isn't anyone blaming Rihanna?" No one's blaming Rihanna because SHE'S THE VICTIM! CHRIS BROWN IS NOT THE ONE BANGED UP AND BRUISED! Unless she did a fuckin' psycho move and deliberately injured herself (which can be proven through forensics) someone(allegedly Chris) did this to her. And however she acted that night, short of attempted murder, is no excuse for this result. People make me sick sometimes.


ToddyEnglish said…
The most telling part about the relationship is the fact that Rihanna is a Covergirl. Her face (alongside her music)is her livelihood. That just goes to show that Chris Brown had no compassion or remorse. He should be JAILED for assault and battery.

And what sickens me is the black community's demented response to this situation. What is with US?

I was watching ET the other night and they interviewed some black celebs. Needless to say I had to grind my teeth when I heard the following, over and over,
"Oh my god this is so terrible for the two of them. My thoughts and prayers go out to them and their families..."
Uhm excuse me?! WTF? Not only is that an overly redundant sentiment but since when did the situation get terrible for Chris Brown? It was terrible for Rihanna. She is the one in the hospital!

I am just wondering when we as a people will stop pandering to our lowest common denominator. If some white dude had done this to her please believe that Al Sharpton would have a march on Washington about it.