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Gay Man Wants to Become Nun, Planning To Undergo Sex Change

A 45-year old Italian gay man plans to undergo a sex change in order to become a nun. Not suprisingly, the Catholic church has not been supportive of his decision.

The man, a resident of small town near Rome, plans to quit his job and have the operation done in May in a Northern European country.

"I talked about my wish with a priest but I was misunderstood. A conversation with a bishop was even worse," the man told the Italian news agency. He as an ally in CasaPound, a social justice organization.

"All men and women should be equal and have equal opportunities," Massimo Carletti, a spokesman for the organization said. "He is determined to [achieve his dream] and we will help him."

Teens Accused of Pimping and Prostitution

Two Arizona teenagers have been accused of prositution, recruiting and pimping other teen girls, according to Arizona police. According to

"Tatiana Tye and a second 16-year-old girl, Jazmine Finley, were indicted earlier this week by a grand jury, Maricopa County, Arizona, prosecutors said in a statement. Although the girls are juveniles, prosecutors released their names and said they will be tried as adults.

Tye is charged with one count of child prostitution and three counts of pandering, or serving as a go-between or liaison for sexual purposes, prosecutors said. Finley faces nine counts of child prostitution; two counts of receiving earnings of a prostitute; and one count of pandering. All the charges are felonies, prosecutors said."

This is pretty shocking, to say the least. While I have my own thoughts about whether prostitution should be legal, such acts among minors is unacceptable, and I do believe there should definitely be some type of counseling for the girls. However, I'm not sure if I agree with the girls being tried as adults. I'm sure worse acts other than paying for sex have been committed by teenagers.

Republican Senator Compares Homosexuality to Murder, Quotes Scripture on Senate Floor

What part of separation of church and state don't these people understand? Colorado State Senator Scott Renfroe cited the Bible for his opposition to Senate Bill 88, which would give same-sex spouses of state employees equal access to benefits. Renfroe said homosexuality should not be considered legal and that voters already spoke in 2006.

According to Renfroe, the government's sole purpose is to make rules based on the Bible.

"[When] we create laws that go against what, biblically, we are supposed to stand for, I think we are agreeing [with], or allowing to go forward, a sin which should not be treated by government as something that is legal," he said. "And that is what we are going to do with this and we've done in the past is we are taking sins and making them to be legally OK. And that is wrong. That is an abomination according to scripture.

"And I'm not saying that this is the only sin that's out there. Obviously, we have murder...we have adultery, and we don't make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal. But what I'm saying that for is that all sin is equal. That sin there is as equal as any other sin that's in the Bible."

Among the verses quoted by Renfroe on the Senate floor were Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13, which state that "man lying with man" is an abomination, punishable by death.

Really Senator Renfroe? So I guess everyone should stop eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics. After all, those are abominations according to Leviticus. I suppose all those bad-ass kids who curse their parents should be stoned to death well, and all us pesky negros should be shipped back to the plantation. And you could forget about having midnight fun with the wife if she's on her period, since that's an abomination as well.

The government deals with fairness, equality and the law, NOT sin. You're job as a senator is not to get on your own religious soapbox and spout scripture, but to represent ALL the citizens of your state. That includes gay folks. You should already know this, but from the speech you gave it sounds like you need a refresher course.