A Love Poem: By Your's Truly

Turn the lights down low
Let the candles be the only things that glow
Caress your back/As you taste my skin
Our lovemaking is like a battle
Except we both win

We twist and turn in ecstasy
Passion erupting with each moan we sing
I can hardly keep my composure
My sense are no longer dormant
As I surrender to the eroticism of the moment

The bed springs creak in rhythmic time
As our bodies and spirits join
I am yours and you are mine
We dance to a groove only the two of us know
Sweat drops from our pores as we both explode
And seek warm refuge in our shared pleasure
Because loneliness is cold

You look into my eyes
And I'm not scared
My heart holds no secrets
My soul is not ashamed
Inhibitions have been dropped
Emotional demons have been tamed
My walls have crashed down
But the world isn't over
Revelation has come
In the arms of a lover


ToddyEnglish said…
I really love your writing!