Chris Brown and Rihanna....

I didn't plan on blogging about the Chris Brown and Rihanna abuse scandal, since everying blog and news source in the known free world has already done so. But after reading so many comments blaming Rihanna for whatever she may have suffered( since not all the details of the case are out yet) I feel compelled to say something.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE. Yes I know we all heard that sentence many times, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be sinking in. It doesn't matter if, as some commenters said "She pushed him to it" or "She lied on him" or "She gave him herpes." That gives Mr. Brown no right to lay a hand on her. The only plausible excuse for raising his hands against her would've been if she was literally trying to shoot, stab, kill or otherwise fatally harm him, and from what I've read Rihanna was doing none of the above.

At this point the full details of the case are not known, but the circumstances don't look good for Chris Brown. Not only did he allegedly threaten and/or assault a female, but he also ran away from the scene. But even so, everyone is innocent until proven guitly.

However, this case made me think about a dangerous trend in the black community. Too many times we as a community excuse or laugh off charges of abuse leveled at black male celebrities, and this situation is no different. While some have criticized Brown, others seem all too eager to dump on Rihanna, almost dimissing her as a trifling gold digger seeking bring Brown down. Black women are often seen as causing their own vicitimization, whether it be domestic abuse, molestation, rape or exploitation.

Hell even in cases like Karrine Stephans' exploits, men rarely bare the brunt of the blame for their actions. While Ms. Superhead's actions were indeed ho-ish, and she knew full well what she was doing, hardly ever did I hear anyone take the guys she slept with to task. Why did no one say to those men, "Yea she was easy, but what does it say about you that you used her, abused her and treated her like dirt?" "What does it say about your integrity as a man that you couldn't stay faithful to your wife? Or are you just a slave to your crotch?"

And I don't even have to rehash the depths of denial black folks reached into to defend R.Kelly during his molestation trial. Even the girl identified in the video wouldn't testify, probably for fear that crazed R. Kelly fans would attack her for "bringing a black man down." Now I'm rambling, but my point is that I feel black women's suffering is often not taken as seriously as black men's. In an effort of misguided racial solidarity, many black women, famous or not, suffer abuse in silence. In whatever case, I hope both Chris and Rihanna get the help and counseling they need.


Steven said…
I never saw this coming...really don't know what to say about until i get all the facts but i can't wait for the rest of the shit to hit the fan
ToddyEnglish said…
Amen, Amen, and Amen! I just think it is collective sexism and denial in the black community.

It is sickening.

The sad part is that domestic violence, as we speak, is RAMPANT in the black community and it is accepted. Young girls believe that being smacked around by their boyfriends is just par for the course.