Gay Storyline on "The Game"

I must admit, I don't watch a lot of new TV shows. I usually cling to my favorites (Golden Girls, Fresh Prince, Sex and The City, Will and Grace and Girlfriends) to shield myself from the non-stop celebration of mediocrity that is 90-95% of reality TV. The only new shows I pay attention to are My Name is Earl and The Game.

Granted, I've missed a lot episodes, but course since it's a CW show you know it only gets so much promotion, unless your name is Tyra Banks. But I digress. It seems that the show has decided to add a little splash of rainbow with a gay storyline. One of the main characters Malik, has to deal with insinuations from ex-lover Robin Givens that he's gay.

What happens from there is a little stereotypical, but I think is ultimately entertaining and suprising. The storyline is supposed to continue into this week's episode. Get into the clips below, and check out The Game Fridays at 8:30/7:30c (I might as well plug the show, they need it:).


ToddyEnglish said…
I was actually going to write about this but I forgot. The Game is the best show on television that people aren't watching (along with Friday Night Lights). I don't watch a helluva lot of television but I make sure to DVR this ALL the time. Yeah, I do rather fancy that dreamboat Derwin Davis...However, as far as scripts and drama goes this one is fantastic.

However, I thought this storyline was a bit cliche'(But I so wanted Malik to be a closeted gay. That would have been so hot with his sexy self...teeheehee)...but The Game needs all the shock value it can get. That is why I hate that UPN and the WB merged. The UPN aspect was inevitably get the shaft with no lubrication.

Oh my god I LOATHE Tyra Banks! Ugh!