BET Honors Fashions....High Class or A Hot Mess?

The 2nd Annual BET Honors doesn't air until February 9th, but pictures have already leaked from the ceremony. Let's take a look shall we?

HA! Nippy is back for the '09 haters! *Hmmph* Sorry, I had a BGC moment lol. But Whitney looks absolutely stunning and healthy (Praise God! YES!) in this gown.

I just love Mary's style nowadays. It pratically screams grown-ass woman while still being fashionable and chic. The short do' is a plus as well.Meanwhile Monica was givin' me ol' school, scarf-wearin' "Not Gon Cry" Mary J! The black boots and leather with the Jackie O shades? Fantastic.

The queen looks nice in this flowing black dress, but she looks just that...nice. Not stunning. I much prefer the other outfit she wore onstage.

The Queen looks great with a big shock of silky, electric blue. Of course she could shock (or not) the world with other suprises as well, but movin on;)...

Terrance Howard is lookin' supa dupa scrumptious in this two piece suit. I love the silver tie, which brings out a nice contrast. If only he'd stopped by a barbershop for a little line up on the way to the ceremony though. I'm just sayin'.

Ol' Ty Ty looks great in this black two piece suit. The bow tie is nice touch as well. Of course you know closet queens know how to work it out!

Ms. Union, who probably hosts the event, looks great in her many wardrobe changes. I love black as much as the next person, but two black dresses girl? C'mon, you coulda came better than that. Also step your hair game up. You've been rockin' that same prom night press for eons now.
The legendary Anita Baker looks elegant and classy as always in this black ensemble. Not sure about the sparkly stones though.

Oh Ms. Angie, Ms. Angie, Ms. Angie. You know I love you, and for your roles as Tina Turner and Bernandine from "Waiting to Exhale," I will always admire your talent. But I have to say it: why in the hell would you wear a potentially beautiful gown (I don't know because I can't fully see the damn thang) with heavy black Cruella-Deville styled coat? Then that hair. It looks like something some queen who's just convinced he knows how to do hair scrapped together in the limo. Like I said I love ya Ms. Angie. But DAMN. Your face looks flawless as always though:).


ToddyEnglish said…
Gabrielle is one of my FAVORITE movie starlets...Yet I agree with you about the black. She is chocolate beauty. Tones like: white, red, and hot pink are more flattering to her being that they provide some contrast.
She looks gorgeous in the middle two dresses but just plain in the black ones.

Whitney looks well! And I hope the rumors are NOT true that she is reconciling with Bobby!