Wanda Sykes Comes Out

Comedian Wanda Sykes suprised a Las Vegas audience when she announced she was a lesbian and had married her wife in California last month.

While she has been silent about her sexual orientation over the years, Sykes said she felt the need to come out because of the recent passage of Proposition 8.

"I felt like I was being attacked, personally attacked -- our community was attacked," she reportedly told the crowd, according to an account in Sunday's New York Times.

While other gay-celeb admissions are hardly a shock, this is one of the times where I've actually been suprised by a celebrity coming out story(of course my gaydar is mostly guy-specific:). Whatever her reason, good for Wanda for speaking out, and having the courage to be one of the few openly gay black celebrities in Hollywood. Now if only a certain famous black rapper-singer-actress admitted what we already know....