Random News and Notables

Ex-Military Officials Want To End "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

More than 100 retired military leaders have signed an agreement to end the military's current "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy towards LGBT service members. Retired Adm. Charles Larson, the formal Naval Academy superintendent who originally supported the policy in 1993, has done a 180 on his position.

"There were a lot of witch hunts and a lot of people were turned out on that basis," he is quoted as saying in a Palm Center release. Other servicemen, such as retired Sgt. Brian Jones, disagree.

"Allowing homosexuality in the military would cause unnecessary sexual tension and disruptions to good order, morale, discipline and unit cohesion," Jones said. "This would erode the very qualities of military service that presently appeal to potential recruits."

News flash Sgt. Jones. Homosexuality is already in the military. I'm sure there were some queens serving right beside you during your time in the army, and I seriously doubt that in the middle of battle with bullets flying and grenades exploding, a gay private is going to be thinking "Damn, Lieutenant Dan's Hot."

Over the course of the Iraq War, many qualified soldiers have been dismissed simply because of their sexuality. That's just not right. Period.

Obama, McCain Meet To Discuss Reform

President-elect Barack Obama and former rival John McCain met today to discuss how leaders can come together and "change the bad habits of Washington."

In a joint statement both men expressed their desire together on various challenges facing the nation:

At this defining moment in history, we believe that Americans of all parties want and need their leaders to come together and change the bad habits of Washington so that we can solve the common and urgent challenges of our time," the statement said.

"It is in this spirit that we had a productive conversation today about the need to launch a new era of reform where we take on government waste and bitter partisanship in Washington in order to restore trust in government, and bring back prosperity and opportunity for every hardworking American family," they said.

Michael Jackson Sued By Sheikh

An Arab monarch's son is suing Jackson for $7 million for an autobiography and album that he claims Jackson promised but never produced. Michael denies the charges and says the money was gift.

Hopefully everything will work out and Michael won't be in the poor house. In the future he better hit up Janet, Latoya or Rebie for money instead of Arab princes. Goodness knows Joe and the boys don't have a lot of coins to spare these days, if the news reports are true