New Music Review: Pink "Funhouse"

"So what/ I am a rock star/I got my rock moves/And I don't need you tonight," Pink roars in her current single "So What," a classic mix of the singer's trademark sarcasm and smart-ass attitude. Newly single, it would seem that Pink would be ready to mingle, and while Funhouse offers up her usual bravado ("So What" and "Bad Influence"), lyrically the album consistently turns inward.

"I don't wanna be the girl that has to feel the silence/The quiet scares me/Cause it screams the truth," she sings over booming drums, atmospheric backing vocals, strings and sparse electric guitar on "Sober," one of several tracks hinting that while she and ex-husband Corey Hart are best buddies now, it was a hell of a journey from divorce court to video cameos.

"I Don't Believe You" mines similar introspective territory. "Looks like/You've given up/You've had enough/But I want more/No I won't stop," Pink sings somberly, suggesting that it wasn't easy for her to throw in the towel. In "Mean" she gets more explicit: "The shower it reminds me you'd undress me with your eyes/ And now you never touch me and you tell me that you're tired."

Musically, the album is a mix of straightforward pop/rock("Please Don't Leave Me"), acoustic jams ("Crystal Ball") and hip hop/dance/rock mashups ("It's All Your Fault," "Funhouse"). My only compliaint is that the album could've have used one more "So What"-style anthem to balance out the ballads. Whatever genre she chooses to play with however, it's clear that Pink hasn't let the mirrors in her funhouse distort her true emotions, and delivers an honest, if less upbeat, album.



lunchbag5x said…
I totally agree with on this one. Nice review
ToddyEnglish said…
I love this album. Pink is always raw but she comes across as extremely vulnerable on this one. My favorite tune right now is "I don't believe you."