Catholic, Mormon Church: "Proposition 8 is not against any group"

Roman Catholic and Mormon Church leaders defend their opposition to gay marriage, saying Proposition 8 was not meant to single out any group in society.

"Proposition 8 is not against any group in our society. Its sole focus is on preserving God's plan for people living upon this earth throughout time," Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles, said in a statment Thursday.

"The Catholic Church understands that there are people who choose to live together in relationships other than traditional marriage. All of their spiritual, pastoral and civil rights should be respected, together with their membership in the Church," Mahony said.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said in a statment, "It is important to understand that this issue for the Church has always been about the sacred and divine institution of marriage: a union between a man and a woman."

Where do I start? I have no problem if any church refuses to marry a gay couple if it contradicts with their beliefs. That's their right. What I have a problem with is religious organizations wanting to have it both ways. They want to flex their political and financial muscles to legislate morality inside and outside the church.

If you don't want me saying 'I do' to another dude in your sanctuary, that's fine. But taking legal action to stop me from doing so outside of your church is a violation of mine and many others' civil rights. Because let's be real, tax breaks, visitation and property rights don't have much to do with Christ or crucifixes.

Secondly, the defense that no specific group was targeted is so transparent. What other group was being targeted? Martians? Oompa Loompas? I mean think about it; LGBT citizens are tax-paying citizens, yet we are denied a basic civil right, to marry another consenting adult because of someone else's interpretation of their religious scripture, and what they think God wants them to do.

Now ain't that bout a.....(you know the rest)!

CNN: Catholics, Mormons defend support for same-sex ban


ToddyEnglish said…
Hypocrisy. That's all I have to say about it.