And The Negro Please Award Goes To......

Lil' Fizz!
Now how did this illustrious B-2K alum win this prestigous honor? It seems poor Lil Fizzy is peeved that Omarion won't return his phone calls about working on his next album. So like all D-list celebs that have score to settle, he decided to take to it to the block(the blog block that is), unknown flunky in tow, and air his grievances.

Fasten your seatbelts boys and girls, because what you're about to witness is seven minutes and 57 seconds of what will be referred to from now on as nabble (or negroidian babble, yes I had to make a new word for this). Prepare yourselves as you descend into a never-ending vortex of ignorance and misguided machismo . And now, without further delay, Lil Fizz: