Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lazarus Rises Again...

Photo: Weird Rabbit Photography
I know posting has sporadic the past few months, but trust, Mama hasn't been sitting on her ass and filing her nails. I've been wiling the hours away in the studio, working on music for a new album called After Hours. One of those new tunes is "Lazarus," a tech-house track which focuses on the dark side of religious indoctrination, a subject which, if you've perused my musings on religion on this blog, shouldn't be a surprise.

Remixes are coming down the pike soon, and After Hours is set to drop in October. Until then, get into--and download, it's free--"Lazarus" below.

Monday, August 15, 2016

WATCH: Official Trailer for FX's 'Atlanta'

So, the official trailer for the first season of FX's new series Atlanta has been unveiled. The show, which premieres September 6 and is executive produced by Donald Glover--who, if you haven't guessed from all those Louie-esque 15 second promos, also stars in the series--is about two cousins seeming misadventures through the ATL rap scene, where there'll be art vs. commerce clashes aplenty.

According to IMDB, one said cousin is "Earnest 'Earn' Marks," an ambitious college drop-out." Me-thinks that character will be played by Glover...just throwin' that out there. And if the aforementioned trippy promos are any indication, I also think I'll spend part of the premiere going "wait, what?" before slipping to the show's groove.

Check out the trailer below:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Politics As Usual

Hey boys and girls! First off, I ain't dead, it's just this music and artistic shiznit has been taking up loads of my time (more on that in future posts...promise:). And secondly, a new podcast of Bayou Blasphemy is up!

On this episode we talk about the pressure politicians and other figures feel to present a "respectable" public image, one often influenced by religious ideas. Also a recap of DNC 2016, why the military needs a few good women, a niqab-fearing Family Dollar manager, After School Satan Clubs and a pop culture potluck that includes AMC's Preacher (spoilers), Looking: The Movie (again spoilers), Tyler Perry and Oprah's latest creation and southern rock and metal.
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