'Looking' Series Premiere 'Looking For Now' Recap

Photo: HBO

Go over to Bulterway.com to read my recap of Looking's series premiere. In case you've been living under a big rainbow rock, the new HBO show follows the lives of three gay men living in San Francisco.

An excerpt of the recap:

“It’s San Francisco. It shouldn’t be that hard to meet cool people in this town.” So is the exasperated lament of our hero Patrick, expressed in the midst of what is shaping up to be a horrible date. Awkward banter quickly devolves into pretentious quote corrections (it’s “work is love made visible” FYI) and remarks about careers—Patrick’s a video game developer while his date is a cancer doctor—that are by turns foot-in-mouth and outright condescending. In the end, the good doctor dismisses Patrick as relationship material and departs, leaving him stuck with a bad taste in his mouth, which he washes down with the wine he foot most of the bill for.

Welcome to the world of Looking, the new HBO series created by Michael Lannan and executive producer Andrew Haigh, the force behind the 2011 indie hit Weekend. Set in San Francisco, the series follows the misadventures of three gay men at different places in life and love. Patrick, played by Jonathan Groff, is a 29-year-old video game developer bruising from a recent breakup with his now engaged ex-boyfriend Jason. The recent turn of events has him bumbling through the hookup/dating scene, displaying a naiveté that, although sweet and endearing, borders on Shoshanna-levels of cluelessness. What else could you call babbling through a hand job in the woods with a “gym teacher” hairy guy, then fleeing mid-jerk when his cell phone goes off?

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