Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Am Divine

The film portion of SXSW in Austin is shaping up to be a pretty rainbow experience. First up is the documentary I Am Divine, a documentary on filmmaker John Waters' drag star by Jeffrey Schwartz, who also made last year's critical smash Vito, an HBO doc about gay activist Vito Russo.

The documentary "tells the story of how Harris Glenn Milstead of Baltimore became Waters’s muse and biggest star. Those featured in the film include Waters, Tab Hunter, Michael Musto, Mink Stole, Holly Woodlawn, Ricki Lake, and Bruce Vilanch."

Other gay-themed films set to be screened at SXSW include Before You Know It, which traces a year in the life of three gay seniors, and Mr. Angel, which chronicles the life of educator and trans male porn pioneer Buck Angel.

Watch the trailer for I Am Divine below.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WATCH: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5, Ep. 1

RuPaul's Drag Race is back hunty! The tea is spilling and more shade is being thrown than a solar eclipse! Watch the entire first episode below.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Former NFL Player Kwame Harris Charged With Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend

Ex-San Francisco 49er Kwame Harris has been charged with felony domestic violence and assault charges in connection with incident involving an ex-boyfriend. On Monday, Harris pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing and is currently free on $75,000. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Harris, 30, became angry with Dimitri Geier, 36, in August at Su Hong restaurant on Menlo Avenue, according to court documents. The ex-football player got incensed when Geier tried to put soy sauce on Harris' rice, said Al Serrato, a San Mateo County prosecutor.

'Basically, they're having dinner together and they get into a verbal dispute and it gets violent from there,' Serrato said. 'One of them had poured soy sauce onto the rice and the verbal dispute had escalated.'
Serrato said the men were romantically involved and previously had lived together. Geier, a resident of Los Angeles, was visiting Harris at the time of the altercation, said Craig Charles, Geier's attorney.

During the restaurant argument, Harris accused Geier of stealing his underwear, Serrato said. Harris then tried to pull down Geier's pants, the prosecutor said. 'I guess he was trying to prove that he was wearing his underwear,' Serrato said. Harris, 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds, then pinned Geier (6-1, 220 pounds) against a plate-glass window and hit him several times in the face and head, Serrato said."

So sad that this is how Harris joins the handful of former NFL players to come out. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

House Of Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: "Man Date"

As always, spoilers are ahead, so proceed with caution...

Last week the Pod, thanks in major part to new addition Tamara (Nia Long), almost crapped out when Mr. Pincus rejected her their social media strategy and walked out of a dinner meeting. Though a pair of douchebags, aka the Dushkin twins, maybe the key to turning the gang's Sin City fortunes around. As a heads up, I can't promise I won't OD on the Vegas references.

Things start off as usual, with the group ragging on each  other (i.e. mostly Doug, who's looking like a long-lost Mario brother so he won't be spotted by security after last week's shrimp debacle. But of course, they recognize him anyway) and discussing their post-Pincus plan. Which in this case means saddling up to the Duskins, who will lead them to the promise land of a payday with mega-rich Carlson.

Back home, Monica is still on a her vegan kick--as well as her "I'm a good mom now"one--offering up sweetness and wheat grass to Roscoe, who wisely rejects the latter. I'm willing to bet the kid's peeked at a season or three of Sex and The City by now, and knows that shit is funky. Thank you Samantha Jones. Anyway, Roscoe pops out of his room--I guess his style is bohemian goth now--and rags on Monica about buying him Rite Aid eye-liner instead of the fancier stuff she uses. To her credit, she doesn't freak or condemn his choice in eyeliner, or his choice to wear eyeliner, and says they can talk about it later.

But Roscoe's grandfather Jeremiah sees her decision to buy her son cheap makeup products as a subtle dis to his gender expression, and tells her so. To which Monica responds with "I'm not going to talk to you about makeup. Something you know dick about." Ah ha! I knew the power to summon stone cold bitchiness still coursed through her veins! The two trade barbs, Jeremiah about he how won't leave Roscoe alone with her until he sees she's still sober and sane in six months--and when she stops being what he calls a "hungry ghost." I never pegged poltergeists to have an appetite, but I'll go with it. Monica shoots back and calls him a  morality Nazi--not the best comeback, given that it pretty much defines the word oxymoron-- and tells him he should back off and let her be a mother.

Crazy as it sounds, she may have a point.  Always having his grandfather around may be keeping Roscoe from seeing Monica and Marty as the main authority figures in his life. He's clearly old enough and perceptive enough to know grandpa isn't spending so much time around the house because he's got a hankering for wheat grass.  On the other hand, Jeremiah, along with Roscoe's seemingly bottomless supply of self-confidence, may be the only reason he hasn't totally gone off the rails yet.

Later on, Monica is at the end of what is quickly surmised to be a horrible date, which gets even worse when her escort asks for a quick jerk before she goes inside. Undeterred at her refusal to go home with him, he keeps pushing--even getting more "excited" when she tells she wanted blow both her and his brains out during dinner--until she finally tells him to go screw himself and gets out of the car. Colored me impressed; season one Monica would gone to his house and disappeared into a pill-induced haze of kinky S&M/hate sex for a few weeks. New Monica goes into the house and shares a nice moment with Roscoe over some Dior eyeliner. Oh, and makes out with the nanny. Or is it the vegan chef? I'm not sure.

I can't say I'm surprised at Monica's lesbian left turn, since the season preview pretty much gave it away. But this dalliance does seem to have potential--they had a pretty warm and cozy, albeit not overtly romantic, rapport in earlier scenes, and she knows and accepts Roscoe. Or this could be an example of Monica's impulsive nature destroying whatever strides she's making in maintaining sobriety and being a mom. Only time will tell.

Back in Vegas, Marty and Clyde head out for their man date while Jeannie invites Tamara for spa time and girl bonding power. Doug wants to join but of course is rebuffed, and goes to a massage parlor off the strip. Everything's pretty routine until the masseuse decides to add a little prostate massage in the mix, simultaneously freaking out and exciting Mr. Guggenheim.

But back to Jeannie and Tamara. The whole girl bonding power is really a cover for Jeannie to both stake out her territory, which she does by rattling off her credentials (Columbia and so on) and to smoke out whatever trickery Tamara  may have up her sleeve. Tamara eases the tension though, but rightly pointing out she's already holds a higher position than Jeannie and isn't here to get in her way. She's also hip to the lingering awkwardness between Jeannie and Marty, which Jeannie unconvincingly denies before turning the tables. Tamara starts to walk down memory lane but turns back, and says she's happy with her marriage and husband. But me thinks she may have ruminated just a little bit too much about why she and Marty didn't work out for something not to still be there. Marty concerns out of the way, talk to turns to family versus work, with Tamara saying balancing the two means devoting all your energy to one while completely ignoring the other. More on that in a minute.

Cut to Marty and Clyde hearing some crappy story from the twins about the one pushing the other off a boat in Cabo, and how this proves they're always pushing the envelope. Does this remind anyone else of those guys who went around yelling "EXTREMMMMEEE!' in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle?  The Duskins then bring out some fake AK-47s and shoot Marty and Clyde's mouths full of some type of sugary shot. Of course the twins make the junior-high worthy oral sex sounds the whole time. These dudes are officially the douchiest douchebags in the history of douchebagdom. But egos must be stroked and Marty does so by telling the boys the secret to lasting success is making their douchbag Dushkin brand the center to their business. Things are looking up, but the last hurdle is to see if he and Clyde can rage with the best of 'em. Knowing our fearless leader and his most demented sidekick, we know they can, and a night of drinking, girl-on-girl and everybody sexing somebody ensues.

The next morning, Marty and Clyde seal the deal by playing good consultant/bad consultant, pumping the twins' heads up more by cluing them in on the "secret" social media strategy Pincus was too square to embrace. This leads to the meeting with Carlson, who is by far the weirdest client the Pod has run across. And that's saying somethin'. He's also the most distracted--first by a remote control helicopter he's playing with, then other phone calls, and finally Jeannie's breasts. Marty and the crew get up to leave, but Carlson says he'll take the deal. But not so fast: he launches into a diatribe against consultants as leeching off the entrepreneurial vision of true innovators like himself, and says the Pod must be available to him in person anytime he calls. Moneymaking is a must and patronizing him a must not, lest you want to be separated from your balls.

The job has been secured, but no one's in a festive mood, given that Carlson's a loon and will likely push them all to the edge of their sanity as well. Marty tries a little pep talk about it being a win for everyone involved, which makes them feel a tiny bit better about, in Clyde's words, "getting drunk to that." Doug skips the bar in favor of another, how shall I say, deep tissue massage. But quel surprise, most masseuses don't make a habit of out of doing a little prostate love tap. Security is called, and a butt naked Doug is tackled. He just can't win.

Now back to Tamara's earlier comment on family versus work. Clearly this is playing out in Monica and Marty's lives at the moment. Monica, as far as we can tell, is not very focused on work right now, but is devoting her time and energy to Roscoe, staying sober, and now what may turn out to be a deep, romantic relationship. How this will impact her standing in the consulting world is uncertain. But she may find herself in a similar position to Tamara--i.e. starting over--if she stays out of the game long enough. On the positive side, she may actually be evolving into a more well-rounded person, one who is emotionally mature and responsible while still retaining her tough-as-nails exterior.

Meanwhile Marty's attention is definitely zeroed in on work and doubling down on all the flattery, mind games and general insanity that comes with it. Which makes sense, because work has always made sense to Marty; it's personal relationships that are the tricky part, as the breakup with April, his backslides with Monica and his neglect of Roscoe last season showed us. We haven't seen him reach out to Roscoe anymore since the season premiere, or even call him to check up on him. Perhaps he's giving him some space. Or maybe he's just falling back into old patterns, focusing on winning at work while letting the rest of his life fall to the wayside. But that may get harder to do, once he or Jeannie stop running from the four-letter word bomb they dropped.

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Benetton Campaign Features Transgender Model

Transgender model Lea T is featured in United Colors of Benetton’s spring-summer ad campaign, which spotlights people who have “incredible personal stories.”

"In addition to Lea T, a Brazilian transgender woman whose father was a soccer star, those in the campaign include Alek Wek, a war refugee from Sudan; German model Mario Galla, who has a prosthetic leg; Elettra Wiedemann, the daughter of Isabella Rossellini and granddaughter of Ingrid Bergman; Kiera Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin and great-granddaughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill; and several others. They were photographed by Giulio Rustichelli."

NBA Star Kenneth Faried Comes Out For Marriage Equality, Introduces His Two Moms

This is nice to see. In a video uploaded by LGBT advocacy organization One Colorado, Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried has come out in favor of civil unions and marriage equality. Faried's support comes from a personal place, as he was raised by two moms, who have been married for 11 years and wed in New Jersey in 2007.

In the video, Faried says he couldn't imagine life without his two moms, Carol and Waudda, and supports civil unions in Colorado — legislation for which just passed its first legislative hurdle this week, and is expected to become law by early May.

"No one can ever tell me I can't have two mothers," says Faried in the video, sitting between his moms. "Because I really do."

Watch the video below, and the longer "uncut" version here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Food For Thought: James Franco

"Sex and sexuality are such big parts of our lives — the ways that we define ourselves, the ways that we interact with each other. Everyone thinks about it. Everyone knows about it. Even if you insist on living an incredibly chaste life and you're chaste in your thoughts, that's a conscious and concerted effort to keep sex from your thoughts. So you're still engaging with sex even if it's in a negative capacity. ... It's a huge part of our lives. It's part of being human."

High School Senior Comes Out, Gets Standing Ovation

This was beautiful to watch. High school senior Jacob Rudolph bravely (emphasis on bravely) came out to 300 students at an assembly. The video, filmed and posted on YouTube by Jacob's father Johnathan, shows him taking the stage to accept an award for Class Actor during the senior class awards.

"Rudolph notes that while he's acted in several plays over his academic tenure, he's been acting every day as something he's not: a straight person.

"Most of you see me every day, you see me acting the part of straight Jacob," says Rudolph, as the crowd quiets. "When I am, in fact, an LGBT teen."

Watch the video below, and try not to short circuit your keyboard.

Gay and Lesbian Soldiers Bring Partners To Inaugural Ball

Talk about progress. For the first time in American history, openly gay and lesbian service members were able to bring their partners to the Inaugural Ball.

High-ranking LGBT advocates, including  OutServe-Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Executive Director Allyson Robinson and her wife, Danyelle, and OutServe-SLDN's Sue Fulton also attended the ball. Fulton made history when she and her wife Penelope Dara Gneshin, became the first gay couple to marry at the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint.

"Other service members whose advocacy was key to the 2011 repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," also attended, including the highest-ranking openly gay servicemember in the country, Army Brigadier General Tammy Smith, along with her wife Tracey Hepner, Navy Petty Officers Jen Johnston and April Baker, and Air Force Lt. Josh Seefried, who began blogging under a pseudonym for OutServe about his experience as a gay airman serving under DADT.

The Commander-in-Chief's Inaugural Ball was one of only two official inaugural balls held this year, and is open to select members of the military."

Monday, January 21, 2013

House of Lies Season 2 Episode 2: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth' Recap

As always, spoilers are ahead...

Last week our gang landed a casino account with one Mr. Pincus after much subterfuge and pulling many a thing out of their asses. If season one showed us anything, the Pod knows how to cut loose, so Sin City is the perfect setting for more misadventures.

Marty, Clyde and Doug are out in Vegas to check out Mr. Pincus' casino while Jeannie meets with interim CEO Julianne for a little pow-wow. Julianne gives her spiel about rebuilding the company and cultivating the best people and all that jazz. But she missteps when saying she just met Jeannie--but ah ha!--Jeannie worked as a volunteer for her failed run for governor. Julianne tries to change the subject, but Jeannie twists the knife further, calculating the $100 million she spent on her campaign to four hundred million quarters.

In a last effort to keep it cordial but firm, Julianne says she feels Jeannie is not "embracing the spirit" of what she's offering. Which allows Jeannie to cut through the crap and lay out what they both know to be true: Julianne isn't interested in mentoring her, but only in finding a way to get rid of her so she and the other whistle blowers in the "Rainmaker" sex scandal won't sue. An "oh snap" seems in order for our girl, but not so fast. Without skipping a beat, Julianne tells Jeannie she won't sue because it would make her poison in the industry, and that while if wouldn't be good idea to fire all the whistle blowers, it wouldn't hurt them to can one.

Jeannie maintains her game face while Julianne needles her about her work performance not slipping and makes a dinosaur metaphor. But Julianne's an old pro and has her psychological ace in the hole. The new females she hired came highly recommended by--guess who?--Marty, "Whose opinion I know you trust quite a bit," she says, pouring salt on the wounded look on her face. Jeannie gives her glare and says "is that supposed to scare me?," in her steeliest voice, but Julianne's not finished. "The hot shot young consultant on the face track to partner who starts fuckin' her boss just in case. A girl like that. She's not afraid of anything," she says, with same sunny smile on her face as she whisks Jeannie out the door. Checkmate Julianne.

Meanwhile the boys go to meet with Mr. Pincus, whose secretary tells them their associate is already in his office. The guys think it's Jeannie, but surprise, its Marty's old business school classmate Tamara, aka Nia Long *claps with queenly delight.* But back to the recap at hand.The meeting starts out pretty routine, until Clyde puts his foot in his mouth by suggesting Pincus remodel his casino like the Vibrato. More on that later.

In the elevator post-meeting, Tamara spills a little tea on she and Marty's college days at Berkeley. Apparently he was fond of rocking cornrows and playing "Smoke On The Water." Marty tries a little intimidation, telling her hates surprises. But Tamara doesn't flinch and hits him where he lives, telling him he loves surprises, but only when he's not on the receiving end. She's been out of the consulting game for a minute and is hell bent on making a name for herself. "Don't worry I not hear to outshine you" she says. To which Marty fires back "well don't worry if you were boo, because I'm the goddamn sun." And it's on like Donkey Kong.

Marty meets Jeannie in the lobby, and they trade a few jokes about her sleeping with Julianne. Light banter turns to awkward silence about their drunken night, and they decide to let the awkwardness linger. Cut to Clyde and Doug at the buffet table, where Doug goes on some long rant about the cost of laying out pimento loaf versus shrimp and how we're all being hustled by restaurants. Not that I don't love a good food conspiracy, but it's just shrimp dude. It's not that deep. Anyway, they join Jeannie at the table, who gets about a five-second heads up on Tamara before she walks up to their table. "Jeannie yes, your legend proceeds you," she says, getting in the first shot of shade.

Before the claws can really come out though, a security guard accosts Doug for being in a betting area. Since he's been banned from all of them for a card counting scam he helped conceive back in the day. Shocking right? I mean Doug seems so nerdy/slightly creepy around women/innocent right? Except for when it's revealed Doug gave his ill-gotten gains away to the homeless and then tried to get them back by arguing blankets would put the homeless at a disadvantage when they "returned to nature." Oh Doug. He's willing to go quietly at first, but the ish really hits the fan when he can't take his beloved shrimp. Arm twisting, shouting and slurping a shrimp with his mouth ensues as Jeannie and Clyde look on in delight. Meanwhile Tamara is horrified, both by Doug being led away and her other two co-workers' reaction. Welcome to the Pod girl.

Later, Marty and Clyde go to the club and run into the Dushkin twins. Insert your own douchebag joke here. And the two definitely live up to their last name, embodying every douchey (for lack of of a better made up word) stereotype of someone you've likely witnessed by someone showing their ass in the club. But they aren't completely useless. The boys own the club and know Carlson, aka the owner of Vibrato and Pincus's nemesis.

The next day, the Pod has a strategy meeting. Jeannie suggests remodeling the casino, while Tamara thinks going the social media route via a gambling app would better. Jeannie and Tamara exchange barbs until Marty breaks things up and chooses the remodel. Jeannie should be happy, but breaking her self-imposed drinking ban with a gin and tonic says otherwise. At dinner that evening, the team is on the same page with Mr. Pincus until Tamara says their idea is terrible. Marty pulls her aside and she explains their plan would but Pincus under. Marty, of course, doesn't give two craps if their strategy brings in more dollars or brings on the wrecking ball.

Tamara however, actually cares about not blowing up every bridge behind her and --gasp!--giving clients a honest answer, and says going along with their decision would tarnish her brand. Marty counters and pulls out "the Pod trumps all" card. "I thought you were smarter than this," he says. But again, Tamara flips things around, telling Marty he's the short-sighted one for valuing today's payday over long-term relationships with clients and a future that may not include Galweather--if he ever leaves Galweather. "What's that supposed to mean?" Marty asks, opening the door for Tamara to criticize him for "dropping checks into the laps of people you hate," and settling for "a pat on the head."

Their conversation reveals another layer of Marty's past. It looks as though at one time he aspired to mix a little ethics and moral conscience with his business. We already know he's sold his soul, or at least is well on his way there. But is he in so deep he can't see the beyond cutting one client's throat to get to the next? It's an echo of what Skip told him last season about having to deal with all the damage he leaves in his wake. Marty counters by saying he vanquished his foes (vanquishing foes? Awesome) at the firm and has for all intents and purposes, made Galweather his bitch. No arguments here. But it's clear she touched a nerve.

Back at the table, Marty tries to sell the social media strategy and manipulate Pincus by saying they already pitched the plan to someone else, and letting Pincus falsely connect the dots to Carlson. But it backfires and Pincus leaves. Too bad, so sad Tamara. Of course, Marty and a drunken Jeannie know the answer to their problem. Carlson! Carlson! Carlson!

The Pod heads back to same club as the night before to find him. Marty learns that the Dushkin twins are planning on opening some clubs in the Vibrato, so it looks like he and Clyde will be partaking in more douchebaggery soon enough. Jeannie spots Tamara at the party and, pissed that she'd even show her face, as well as trying to forget about dropping the L bomb to Marty, she's off to have a little fun with the DJ. But one glance at Marty while spinning on a turntable makes her remember that he said "I love you too," that night.

Crap this isn't going to end well.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

WATCH: Trailer For James Franco's 'Kink'

The trailer for James Franco's BDSM doc Kink is out, and it looks interesting. Hopefully it'll be online or on DVD in a few months, since I won't be at Sundance and know this would never play at my local theater. Watch below.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Question: TV and Diversity

Are we as minority viewers--black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT etc--holding shows with mostly white casts to an unfair double standard when we demand diversity or criticize for the lack thereof, but have no problem with black shows or movies that have few or no white characters? Should racial/sexual diversity be taken on a show-by-show basis, according to it's setting, plot and so on (i.e. what diversity means on a show like Mad Men may not be the same for a show like The New Normal or Girls).

A big, loaded question I know. But I'd really like to know what you guys think about this.

Fifth Grader Brings Butcher Knife To School To Defend Himself Against Anti-Gay Bullying

This is such a shame. An 11-year old in Winter Haven, Florida brought a butcher knife to school to defend himself against anti-gay bullying.

"The boy's father said his son was being bullied at school, for what his grandmother said might be perceived as 'gay tendencies.' The boy's family contend that they informed school officials about the bullying, but saw no action taken. They contend the boy brought the knife to school to defend himself."

I'm glad no other children got hurt, but something need to be done about this; otherwise the kid feel like he needs to bring the knife back to school again. Watch ABC Action News' report below.

Gay Man Assaulted At Streisand Movie In Louisiana

Four gay men were allegedly insulted and assaulted at a screening of Barbara Streisand's latest movie Guilt Trip in Lafayette.Thirty-seven year-old Joseph Menard Jr. has been charged with two counts of simply battery. According to The Advertiser:

"Walt Jamison, 23, told The Advertiser that he and his partner and two gay friends met at a local theater Sunday to see the new Streisand movie costarring Seth Rogen, but were almost immediately assaulted by a man sitting behind them, who began by loudly referring to the group of men by a gay slur. 

When Jamison's partner responded with an inquisitive "Excuse me?" Menard "stood up and leaned over us and started screaming hate slurs peppered with profanities," Jamison told The Advertiser.

Another woman in the theater reportedly asked Menard to stop yelling, since her young children were in the audience, but Menard insulted that woman and told her to sit down." 

Menard then allegedy punched Jamison's partner in the back of the head, then took a swing at Jamison himself while his partner searched for management. Though Jamison's homophobic comments were noted in the police report, the case is currently not being investigated as a hate crime.

Read the rest HERE.

Monday, January 14, 2013

House of Lies Season 2 Ep. 1 Recap: 'Stochasticity'

As always, spoilers lie ahead. Proceed with caution..
In case you forgot where we last left our ruthless foursome, a quick recap (a recap within a recap? So postmodern, I know:): After being stabbed in the back by his friend (or as close to a friend as he had) the Rainmaker, Marty's and the Pod's future at Galweather Stern looked nonexistent. That is, until Jeannie confessed to having slept with said Rainmaker for the promise of a partnership, causing other female employees to come forward and killing the merger that would have cost them their jobs. Marty got the final tee hee hee by telling the Rainmaker he slept with his daughter, Jeannie broke up with her fiance and both of them took shots as a fitting toast to the life blower uppers--i.e., Jeannie and Marty. And scene.

The season opener "Stochasticity" finds Marty and the Pod two weeks removed after everything went down. Jeannie, fresh off a two week paid vacation suspension after her, in the words of Clyde, "Sluticus" confession, runs into Marty on their way into the office. After giving a quick rundown of how crappy her life is at the moment--no man, no fabulous apartment, and chlamydia--she tells him she can't remember anything that happened that night. Which of course means she can't recall if they did more than trade shots. Marty at first gives the her the "let's talk about this later" brush off, probably because any conversation not revolving around work is awkward for him. Oh, and because he can't remember either.

They trade a few barbs with Clyde and Doug--who inform Jeannie an office pool has been started on whether her and Marty did get down with the get down. The Pod has bigger challenges to face though. Interim CEO Julianne Hofschrager wants to create a new corporate culture that empowers women. The first step being a new title for Jeannie, who recognizes the "don't sue us promotion" for the empty gesture it is. Blackout or no blackout, you can't fault her for not spotting a phony when she sees one. Judging her from her no nonsense demeanor, I'm willing to bet Julianne and Marty will bump heads.

Hofschrager not only wants to put the sex scandal behind the company, she also needs Marty to close new business like a motherfucker.Unfortunately for the gang, their first client, Mr. Pincus, is one they know nothing about. They manage to BS him long enough before Doug spectacularly bombs by going on some long tangent about stochasticity. Fortunately they keep him from hanging up long enough to schedule a face to face meeting. Problem temporarily solved. Jeannie opens up a bit to Clyde over her broken engagement, and he offers his own special brand of support; that being she's gets to bang whoever she wants now. At least he sounds supportive until he asks if one of her new banging partners is Marty. Classy. As much fun as it is to have Clyde and Doug as comic relief, I am starting to wonder if we'll ever go deeper with their characters. Doug for one has gotta have some geeky and/or creeptastic quirks trolling around in his closet.

Marty leaves to have lunch Roscoe, who left to stay with his mother at the end of last season. He looks healthy and shows no visible signs of abuse, good omens considering who his mom is. Roscoe rightly reads Marty for filth for putting him in the position of having to parent himself, until a woman dressed as bumblebee asks if there's a Carpenters fan at the table. They look at her like she's on crack until she starts singing, with Roscoe eventually joining in and actually enjoying his dad's company for five minutes.

Marty drops Roscoe off, and the two have another good moment when Roscoe tells him he was hip to the bumblebee Carpenters surprise. Once he leaves and Monica appears, Marty wastes no time asking in no uncertain terms what the hell is up, suspecting her vegan, emotionally stable mom makeover is one big custody play. She points out that Roscoe is already living with her, so there's no need to hatch a plan, and says she's trying to turn over a new leaf. Marty (and me) are highly skeptical, and we're both almost proven right when the two of them start their whole S&M hate sex routine. But lo and behold, Monica practices restraint and kicks Marty out. Maybe there's hope for sociopaths after all.

Being turned down by Monica must have stirred something in Marty, as he meets Clyde and two girls at the bar and almost rains on their little menage a trois parade by talking about relationships and feelings. Back at the office, the crew still knows zilch about Mr. Pincus (did anyone else just pick on The Golden Girls pilot reference?), in spite of Doug's "I slept seven hours" all nighter. All seems lost until they manage to pull in person what they could not on the phone--a blitz of fear, manipulation and patronization that causes Mr. Pincus to finally give up that he runs a casino. Vegas baby Vegas!

But back to the Marty/Jeannie blackout. Both have flashbacks throughout the episode, with memories of sidewalk peeing, the running man, pushups, simultaneous vomiting and Jeannie punching Marty in the face cropping up. At this rate Marty has Don Draper beat for the "I like it rough" crown.  But alas, no recollections of coitus. Though when the gang's at the bar celebrating, Jeannie remembers doing something far worse. She told Marty she loves him. They may not have had sex, but Jeannie's totally screwed.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day Leader Says 'If Blacks Had Guns, They Would Not Have Been Slaves '

No need for a double take. You actually read that headline right. National Gun Appreciation Day Chairman Larry Ward told CNN that slavery might never have happened had black people--you know, our ancestors who were considered three fifths of a person, torn from their families, frequently beaten and raped, not allowed to marry or own property, or learn to read or write--had access to guns.

"I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country's founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history," Ward said.

Just mess. A hot fucking mess. I keep waiting to hear a sensible gun owner--I know they're out there somewhere--speak with some damn common sense on one of these discussions and be willing to concede that tweaking current gun control laws, along with talking about mental health and violence in popular culture, is what is need to prevent further mass killings. But all we're getting are unhinged rants about "1776 commencing again," and the NRA for all intents and purposes sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming "Na, na, na, na, I can't hear you." And now this bullshit.

Watch this drivel being spat in real time below, and read Monica Robert's excellent post over at TransGriot here.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Jam: Mariah Carey "Sweetheart" Ft. Jermaine Dupri

Remember when Mariah didn't sound like a background chick on her own songs? And the rappers she had guest on track's rhymes actually complimented what her songs were about? Yes I'm talking about "Triumphant." MC you can do better and this track proves it. And it wasn't even from a proper album. Listen to "Sweetheart" and be transported back to 1998 below.

Justin Timberlake Says 'He's Ready' To Release New Music

Well it's about time. It looks like Justin Timberlake is gearing up to release a new album, as he confirmed via Twitter by tweeting "“To whom it may concern…I think I’M READY!”

Not that I haven't enjoyed his non-music related activities--the movies, "Dick In A Box/Liquorville" skits and the like--but I wonder what his new stuff will sound like. Justified was an early '00's update of Off The Wall and Future Sex/Love Sounds clearly owed a debt to Prince. Will he work with Timbaland again?

After all, a lot has changed in pop music since '06. And as Sophia once said to Dorothy when talking about the last time she had sex, "hair styles may have changed" since the last time JT dropped any new music. Or maybe he's just trying to be the Sade of pop. Either way, take a look at short video Timberlake shot to confirm how ready he is below.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Orleans-Based Web Series 'Girl Play' Debuts

A new web series Girl Play explores lesbian life in the Big Easy. Created by's Aryka Randall, the online show, loosely based on her life, follows four friends as they navigate love, work and friendship in the Crescent City.

Here's a synopsis:

"Girl Play tells a story of four lesbian femmes who are searching for true love in the ‘Big Easy.’ Olivia and her group of gal pals have had a turbulent time attempting to form successful relationships while maintaining careers and independence in New Orleans, Louisiana. Olivia Black (Ava ReJouis) is a star publicist who owns and operates her own PR firm that specializes in LGBTQ clientele. Stylist April (Leslie Bohorquéz), a Midwest native with Creole and Latin roots, is making her way back on the NOLA scene with her girlfriend Lindsey, “LJ” Jones (Kia Stephens) at her side. 

Electrical engineer Marty (Drè Price) is a “ladies lady” amongst the New Orleans elite who will only look a woman’s way if she has a Hermès Birkin bag. The group is rounded out by Tiffany (Tiffany Anderson), a bright young law student who can’t seem to shake dating women who do not match her intellect and great qualities. Each character will take viewers on a journey they can relate to highlighting stories of lesbian love, deceit, political hardships, and self-acceptance."

The writing and acting are a little rough around the edges, but there is potential, and it's nice to see a change of scenery from the usual New York/L.A. locales were gay shows usually take place. The setting could prove to an invaluable asset to the show. Anyone who's been New Orleans and remained sober enough to tell the tale knows it's an exciting, one-of-a kind place. Of course I could be partial, being a Louisiana native and all. Watch the extended preview below.

Right Wing Website Says Neil Patrick Harris Super Bowl Ad 'Mocks Christians'

A right wing website is trying to convince its sheep readers that Neil Patrick Harris is mocking Tim Tebow and Christianity by featuring the openly gay actor in Superbowl ads.

Calling Harris "an outspoken homosexual actor," said the ads, which show the actor with blackeye paint with the date of the game, mock Tebow, who became known for scrawling bible verses on his blackeye paint.

"One football fan who watched the CBS promo Sunday made the connection between Harris and Tebow, saying, 'They're pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they're mocking Christians at the same time.'"

WND includes a poll asking if CBS is mocking Tebow and/or Christianity. One of the poll's options include calling for a boycott of CBS; it's currently leading the poll."

I guess in their rush to be outraged they forgot that Beyonce's Super Bowl ad features her wearing blackeye paint with the game date written on it--you know, pretty much the same thing as NPH. Never mind football players have been using blackeye paint for eons. No, because Tim Tebow decided to slap some bible verses on his mug it's now copyright for all time. Chile please.

Read more HERE.

Teen Held For Bomb Plot, Targeted Gay And Black Students

An Alabama teen is under arrest for allegedly plotting to kill black students and one student believed to be gay with homemade grenades. According to The Advocate:

"Derek Shrout was arrested Friday and will be arraigned Monday for the plot he's accused of masterminding. A teacher found a journal of his where he had plans to kill six students and a teacher. Six of the intended victims were African-American, while one was gay, Shrout believed. Shrout is a self-proclaimed white-supremacist, according to ABC News. Local authorities are calling this a hate crime and intend to charge the 17-year-old with such.

'That's the reason the white male was on the list (because Shrout believed he was gay), Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor told the media. "It screams hate crime.'"

Shrout started his journal, which he claims is a work of fiction, just three days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Police also found empty tobacco containers filled with shrapnel and holes in them for fuses at his home.

Friday, January 4, 2013

When The Fantasia Hits The Fan: When Divas Wax Homophobic...

Okay. So this whole Fantasia "gay marriage legal, weed legal BUT YET I"M JUDGED (her all caps, not mine)" Instagram mess has got me thinking about fans, loyalty and mutual respect. In other words...what do you do when an artist who you think is talented and whose music you like (or love/adore, take your pick) says something homophobic, or even vaguely anti-gay?

It's easy to tune out or flip the proverbial bird to the Buju Bantons of the world since they never represented themselves as anything other than not being down with the gays. But what about when the artist in question's music has become a part of the soundtrack to your life, or at least the background to important moments? And said artist has gone out of his or her way to appeal to the gay community?

Such is the case with Fantasia. She's reached out to the gay community, performed at gay clubs and pride events, is, according to her, surrounding by a gaggle of gays, and now has come up out of her face with this. To quote Madonna in "Justify My Love," "so now what?"

My first reaction to Fantasia saying her comments were taken out of context was "chile please. go ahead and start booking the dates for your apology tour." However, after reading and re-reading her now infamous remarks and her latest statement, I honestly think Fantasia doesn't believe what she said was wrong.

Stay with me on this. I think what she was trying to say is that society and the world has changed so much from biblical times to one where marijuana and gay marriage are legal and in some cases celebrated, and that she should not be judged for her past "indiscretions," just as weed smokers and the gays are not judged for theirs.  However, it came out as "weed legal, them dirty gays can get married, but poor lil' ol' me is gettin' judged for sleeping with a married man!" Whether you want to burn a scarlet A onto her chest is on you, love and relationships and breakups being private and complex and all that jazz. But I digress. 

Of course both we gays and pot smokers get judged aplenty, and I find her lumping in homosexuality with her "we all sin" mentality problematic.  It also leaves open the question that if society was to return to a strict biblical code, would Fantasia in turn become virulently homophobic? She's also (probably inadvertently) insinuating gay marriage is all part of how society has "fallen" from the perfect holy days of the bible, and therefore is wrong. After all, if people can smoke pot legally and two guys or two girls can get married, why are people tripping about adultery? It's all wrong and "sin" isn't it?

No it's not. Which is why 'Tasia dear, you are wrong. You probably didn't mean for your little rant to be taken on so many levels; it was more than likely meant to be a straightforward "only God can judge me" salvo to shut up the haters. But for better or worse, it wasn't received like that. And all of these statements and "my team is gay, my manager is gay" proclamations are doing nothing to help your cause.
It's best to wake the hell up, realize you put your foot in your mouth and apologize.

Unfortunately--or fortunately, depending on how much you like her--Fantasia now joins that elite group of "are they, or aren't they homophobic?" divas. Donna Summer got the side eye from some queens 'til the day she died about her allegedly homophobic comments at a show in the early '80's, despite all her protesting and performing at pride and AIDS events. Gloria Gaynor, whose collected countless coins from "I Will Survive," has made some eye-brow arching comments in recent years. Even the late great Whitney tried to kill speculation she was "family" by telling Rolling Stone then-husband Bobby Brown is "all boy" and wouldn't go for her being involved in any girl-on-girl action.  And my eyes are still rolling from Prince coming up out of her face about gay marriage a few years back, though she says she was misquoted. Yet I have posted clips of his music on this very blog.

Which goes back to my point/question. What would you do if an artist you admired or respected said something anti-gay? Would you be willing to forgive if they apologized? And if you forgave them, could you ever totally believe they are a true friend to the community ever again?

I just hope I never, eva, eva, eva, have to write something like this about Madge. 'Cause it won't be pretty.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walking Dead Trailer of Season 3's Second Half

AMC has unveiled the trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead's third season. Of course there will be zombies, screaming, death and gore a plenty. But there also appears to be a little father/son battle of the wills on the horizon, judging from Carl's comment to Rick. Watch below.

Dreams Of 2013: My Goals For This Year

Call them resolutions, promises, personal ambitions, delusions of grandeur, whatever you like. Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2013:

1. Move My Fiction Writing Career Forward--My adult LGBT fiction novel is coming along pretty nicely now--I finished the second draft a few days ago, or last year, take your pick. Personally I prefer last week, as it makes me sound like less of a procrastinator. But I digress.

Now comes the hard part of submitting the thing to beta readers to offer their two cents. The hard part being fighting the urge to verbally flame them like a super-hormonal Mommy dragon when they offer constructive criticism. I'll be submitting chapters to Scribophile, an online critique site, and hope to have the third, and perhaps final draft of the book done and dusted by late spring/summer.

I'd also like to get more of my short stories published. So far one, "The Payback" has seen the light in Forge Journal, but now that I'm done (for the moment) with the heavy lifting of the novel I can stop treating my other short tales like red-headed step children. Once I get enough of them, along with some poems, together I may compile them in self-published E-book. More details to come.

2. To Increase My Freelance Income--Things have been picking up on the freelance front; I write articles about electronic music for an online site ( it out:) and for coupon/deal type website. The money is good, and I relish any chance to work without having to roll out of bed, but I'd like to make more so I'll able to set some aside some more coins in a savings or an emergency account.

3. Be More Financially Stable--I guess this is an extension of number two. I'll admit I haven't always made the best decisions when it comes to money in the past, but with a promotion at my main gig (along with the BF's income), my freelance money and a clearer/more experienced head, I believe I'll be on sturdier ground come this time next year.

4. Get Back Into Shape--Chile I remember when I could devour a large pizza and some wings and still weigh 130 pounds soaking wet. But time and my metabolism have moved on (give or take 40 or 50 pounds), and I have a bit more baggage than I did in high school. So I'm making an effort to improve my diet with more of the basics like fruits and vegetables, not eating big meals before bed, etc.

Not that I'll never make a pit stop at Mickie D's again. But when l do I'll make adjustments--a bottled water instead of a Hi-C, a grilled chicken and a medium no-salt fry instead a Big Mac and a large fry.  As far as exercise, maybe I'll pick up yoga again or do some P90X. Or combine a few things (weights, walking/running, swimming) to create my own fitness regime so I won't get bored.

5.Personal Relationships--I really want my relationship with my parents to improve for the better. I've written about my disappointment with them in regards to coming to terms with my sexuality and my atheism, but they have been making strides. They make it point to ask about my boyfriend whenever I visit now, and they also got him a present for Christmas. Baby steps perhaps, but steps nonetheless. I also have to remember to meet them halfway and be open and honest about my life.

Speaking of the BF, a.k.a. Robert, things are going great with us four years in. We went out last night for dinner to celebrate his birthday. On the flip side, I could probably do better in hanging out with my friends more often. Of course not too often or my other relationship would suffer. There always seems to be that push and pull.

6. Thank My Readers--I'd really to thank everyone that follows the blog (including the invisible readers--but it wouldn't kill ya'll to comment:), comments, retweets, plus ones and spreads the word about my little corner of the web. Thanks for reading and taking the time to indulge my quirky musings.  I really appreciate it:).

What are your hopes, goals or dreams for 2013?
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