Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top 10 'Sista Gurl' Songs

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. The songs that make your mama, female cousins, sisters, aunts or even Big Mama (or little mama in my case, since my grandmother is thin) in some cases go mmmmmmhmmmm. Let's get into the list:

Jill Scott- Gettin In The Way

Of course this track had to be on the list--the first two words are sista girl lol! Ms. Scott's rant about an ex-girlfriend who can't let go is tailor made for neck-rollin'. My favorite line: You keep lyin' to my man, girlfriend I'm gon take you into the middle of this street and whoop yo' ass/For all it's worth/ $5.99 or something like that/

Erykah Badu-Tyrone

You know I had to put Ms. Badu on the list. This track from her live album tears down a pitiful brother who has no job, cash or car. A sidenote: I once witnessed a tipsy queen belt this out a karoke bar in a room full of straight folks. He got especially loud when he sang the lines Now everytime I ask you for a little cash/You say no but turn right around and ask me for some ass/. To drive his point home he tooted up his booty and pointed to it for extra emphasis.

Mary J. Blige-Not Gon Cry

No sista gurl song list is complete without this breakup anthem from 1995. I think this was one Mary's best vocal performances both technically and artistically. She sang like she lived Bernandine's story. I'm sure the number of clothes-related arsons increase after this song dropped lol.

Sunshine Anderson-Heard It All Before

I loved this track when it came out in '01. Whatever happened to her? Ms. Anderson sang lines like What was you thinking/Bringing her into our home/ Up in our bed/You musta fell and bumped yo head/ With such conviction you'd swear you could hear the finger snaps and teeth sucks through the speakers.

Faith Evans-You Gets No Love

Singing over what I call a "Big Boss Music" beat, Faith tells off a cheating boyfriend and busts out a couple of freestyles to boot.

Janet Jackson-Son of Gun

Of course I couldn't leave out Janet. Ms. Jackson got downright nasty on a ex with this track off her All For You album. Lines like Ha ha/Hoo Hoo/Thought you'd get the money too/Greedy motherfuckers try to have they cake and eat too/ Had me rolling everytime I played the song. I guess Ms. Jackson doesn't suffer golddiggers gladly.

TLC-No Scrubs

The song that officially signaled TLC's comeback ruffled some feathers when it came out back in '99. Most notably the Sporty Thieves (I think I got their name right), who made an answer song "No Pigeons.'

Aretha Franklin-Respect

All the songs previously mentioned must bow down and kiss the ring of The Queen of Soul's version of "Respect." Aretha is the ultimate soul singer and this song is one of the reason why. A classic.

Chante Moore-Chante's Got A Man

Ms. Moore testified about finding a good man in this 1998 jam. The lines He always treats me right/We never fight/He sends me flowers and wines and dines/Took me home to meet his mama/ Had me wondering "Damn where is this man at? And does he have a gay brother/cousin;)?

Whitney Houston-Shoop (Exhale)

Ms. Whitney had the whole world saying shoop with this song from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. With all her Bobbay! BOBBAY! drama over the hears, lawd knows she came relate to this track. I bet ol' girl's been exhaling since the ink dried on the divorce papers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Report: Transgender Murders On The Rise

A frightening new report by international group Transgendered Europe (TGEU) states that 200 transgendered people were killed from January 2008 to June 2009. While the report casts transgender violence as a global problem, the United States ranks as the second most dangerous place in the world for transgender people.

The report shows Brazil is by far the most dangerous place in the world for the transgendered community. In 2008, 59 people were murdered while another 23 murders were reported so far this year. Last year, 16 transgendered people were murdered in the United States, the second most dangerous place on Earth.

While the report is an effort to document all crimes, even its authors admit to the limitations of compiling a survey while countries continue to avoid reporting hate crimes.

"Firstly, the collected data shows only those cases which have been reported," report author
Carsten Balzer wrote. "There is no data and no estimates available for the unreported cases."

"Secondly, the data presented here does not show all reported cases worldwide, but only most of those, which can only be found on the Internet with some effort. Reports from local newspapers which have no web page are also missing," Balzer adds.

Sadly, with cases like the shooting death of 22-year-old transgender woman Lateisha Green and most notably Gwen Araujo in 2002, such figures don't seem that far off.

The Gay Demons Are Coming, The Gay Demons Are Coming!

Seems like gay exorcisms are not limited to this side of the pond. Some fundamentalist churches in Britain are also attempting to rid folks of their "gay demons."

According to the Metro, a Pentecostal church in north-west London offers the controversial 'cure'. It is one of hundreds of fundamentalist churches in the UK.

Rev John Ogbe-Ogbeide, who runs the United Pentecostal Ministry in Harrow, said he carried out exorcisms on gays four or five times a year and that the procedure always worked.

He said: "The evil spirits are telling you what's wrong is right, the opposite sex is not attractive."

He cited a recent case where he exorcised a young man who was about to get married but was in love with a man.

Rev Ogbe-Ogbeide added that the procedure could be carried out at any age, as demons could take hold of a person at any time.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has called for protest against the practice and a thorough police investigation.

He said: "The exorcism rituals involve the casting out of alleged demons and witches that supposedly possess a gay person's soul and turn them away from heterosexuality.

"There are claims that gay teenagers and young adults are being subjected to exorcisms at the insistence of their parents and pastors, in an attempt to rid them of same-sex attraction.

"The exorcisms can include traumatic emotional scenes where the victims are surrounded by a group of church elders who scream at them to drive out the evil spirits and who sometimes shake their bodies.

"When this is done to youngsters under 18, it is a form of child abuse and the police should intervene to stop it.

"Some gay adults have been pressured into exorcisms by their family members or faith communities. Other victims are people with learning difficulties or mental health problems. They have been preyed upon when they are in a vulnerable state and are not capable of giving fully informed consent."

Tatchell called for gays and lesbians to write to Rev Ogbe-Ogbeide and their local MP to complain.

A Metropolitan Police Service spokesman told that police would consider investigating the church if complaints were received.

Peterson Toscano, a gay rights activist who spent 17 years in ex-gay therapy, has been subjected to three exorcisms.

He told ""The premise of these was that foreign demonic forces infiltrated my body and manipulated me so that I could not turn from being gay.

"I felt desperate for a cure especially after trying so hard to change through other means. I could not comprehend why I was still gay especially after all the promises."

"In one case in New York, " he said, "the exorcist and her team yelled and screamed at me in English and in 'tongues' for over an hour touching me all over my body, jabbing me in my gut, getting close into my face, peering deeply into my eyes in hopes of provoking these evil spirits. It got so loud and out of control that a neighbour called the police who, when they came, broke it up.

"This is a form of religious abuse and spiritual violence. I found the experienced traumatised me

I can't imagine the psychological impact 'exorcising the gay away' would have on a teen or young adult struggling with their sexuality. What gay kids need is real, concrete answers about what sexual orientation is, not a bunch of wackjobs babbling incoherently in an attempt to cast out gay 'spirits.'

Saturday, July 25, 2009

R.I.P. E. Lynn Harris

Just as I was getting over Michael's death, this tragedy strikes. E. Lynn Harris died today while on a book tour on the West Coast. Harris reportedly went into cardiac arrest while staying at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was 54.

For those who don't know, I am a huge fan of this man's work. His first book Invisible Life, which told the story of closeted bisexual lawyer Raymond Tyler, was extremely helpful and comforting to me during my coming out. It was as if someone took all my anger, doubts, fears, happiness and sadness and put it on paper. I could truly see myself and some of my friends in Harris' books, most of which I own and have reread multiple times, including his memoir. From Just As I Am to I Say A Little Prayer, which dealt with the black church, sexuality and homophobia (subjects I'm obviously familiar with) Harris always managed to make me care about and relate to the characters in his stories.

A true talent has been lost to the literary world. Rest in peace E.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vogue: The Chorus Line Remix!

This video is so entertaining and endearing. As part of an art installation at the Museum of Fine Arts, 30 Madonna fans sang along to every song on her Immaculate Collection album. To me the video is so honest because it shows the impact Madonna has had on each person in the installation, even though they know they're being recorded. It's both a performance and a private showcase. Anyways, enough talking, get into the clip of the fans singing "Vogue" here. P.S.- watch out for extra ad-libs lol.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let's Get Unconscious Honey

The following entry is about different dreams I've had at different points of my life. Some are a little violent and sexual, while others have actually mirrored my real life and resulted in deja vu experiences. Anyways, feel free to interpret what they mean if you wish:)

* * *

I am in a house full of melting clocks. I walk through the different rooms of the house, some filled with light and others steeped in darkness. There are all types of clocks: grandfather clocks, digital clocks and so on. After making my way through the maze of clocks and rooms, I stand at the foot of a long staircase. A giant clock embedded in the wall is located at the top. As I start to make my way someone catches my attention and says "Time to wake up!"

But I don't. Instead I'm in a house, either my own or my great aunt's, who'd recently passed at the time. Her death was little rough for me, because she was the first person I was close to who passed away. Not to mention I'd prayed fervently that she be healed of the cancer ravaging her body, so her death symbolized a crisis of faith of sorts for me. Anyway, as I walk through the house I see her lying on the couch. She looks peaceful and healthy. She tells me that everything's alright, that she's proud of me or something to that effect. Then I wake up.

* * *
I find myself in an abandoned old house in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. It is a scene straight out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Getting up out of bed, I make my way to the bathroom. As I look in the mirror, a creature that looks like it fought its way out of the pits of hell stares back at me. He looks like a cross between Leatherface and Drahmin from Mortal Kombat(for my video game heads:). He skins looks like it's been eaten alive by maggots and roaches, while one of his arms is made of metal. I barely manage to move out the way before he screeches and smashes the sink to bits. I run for dear life ou the house out into a grassy field, with the hellbeast in hot pursuit.

Somehow I elude him and for some foolish reason, walk back to the house. My housemates' rooms are covered in blood, but there are no bodies ( maybe the bastard ate them or something). True to horror movie form, the beast clubs me from behind, leading to a massive beatdown. But suprisingly, I don't gush blood and die. No matter how many blows he lands, none hurt me. I survive the terror until I wake up.

* * *
Who knows how this dream cropped up, but by some twist of fate I found myself in a foursome with Nas, Dr. Dre and some random girl. As Dre and the girl look on, me and Nas make out first, as he tongues me ferociously and grabs my booty with a vengeance. Shirts come off next, followed by pants and boxer as we continue to make out on the bed. As he playfully pins me down I think damn, Nas must've been working out! He licks his lips and gives me a look like he wants to tear me apart. Game time being over, he turns aggressive, climbs on top of me and proceeds to plow me like a damn cornfield. Of course I loving every minute, but this being a dream, it ends way too soon.

The next thing I know, me and Dre are going at it. However this time I'm the aggressor, and quickly bend him over and handle my business. Unfortunately, the good doctor's beside manner is less than stellar. He expects me to do all the work and is overall selfish in the sack. For that he is quickly dissed and dismissed by all. Lawd why couldn't it have been LL! I barely remember what happened with the girl, which I guess isn't shocking given my current orientation lol;).

* * *

At various times, when I meet someone or hear someone say something or find myself in certain places or events, I have the feeling I've already been there before, or knew that I would be. One concrete example of this was when I was in 7th grade. I dreamed of what algebra class I'd be in in the 9th grade, complete with the exact chair, classroom and teacher. And it all came true, even though the only part of the school I'd seen was the pool and the cafeteria. Another time, I dreamt I was in a choir stand with a bunch of people I'd never met before. Maybe six months to a year later, I was in that church singing with that same group of people, one of which is now my boyfriend. In one dream I was at what appeared to be sound check playing a white guitar onstage (I'm really hoping that one comes true lol:). These incidents may seem small or inconsequential , but I often have these deja vu-type moments.

* * *

The last dream I'll mention is one that happened when I was nine. In the dream I became sick with either the flu or pneumonia and was promptly rushed to the hospital. I suppose everyone is there, but I specifically remember my mother telling me to hold on and that things will be ok. Sadly they aren't and I die. I remember taking that last breath felt like plunging into the deepest swimming pool ever, and having no need to come up for air. Like falling off a cliff, but with no fear of hitting the ground.

I found myself in a peaceful, serene place. Whether it was heaven or not I'm not sure, but I soon find myself back on earth, surrounded by an aura of white light. I pass by kids I used to play with at P.E. and recess, watching them laugh. Of course they can't see me. I act as a detached observer watching folks on the bus, in my neighborhood and at school. The only person who can see me is my mother. Suprisingly, I don't remember this as a sad dream. Maybe cause it sounded like the plot of a T.V. movie lol. What I do remember is the next day walking to the bus stop with a new appreciation for life. I guess dreaming you dropped dead and came back can do that for you.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swim Club Invites Kids Back

Well that was fast. Philadelphia-based swim club The Valley Club has invited Creative Steps day camp back after allegations of racist remarks by white club members about the largely black and hispanic kids from the day care.

While club director Bernice Duesler maintained the reason for the children being removed from pool was overcrowding issues, Creative Steps Director Alethea thinks differently.

"They should have done that before," she said.
Wright has repeatedly lambasted the club for its tepid response to the charges and said the children in her care were "emotionally damaged" by the incident.
"These children are scarred. How can I take those children back there?" she said.
However, Wright's lawyer, Carolyn Nicholas, said the center will give the Valley Club's offer "due consideration" once it is received and looks forward to sitting down with the parties.
"The children are our primary concern," Nicholas told CNN.
Swimming privileges for about 65 children from Creative Steps were revoked after their first visit June 29. Some children said white members of the club made racist comments to the children, asking why "black children were there" and raising concerns that "they might steal from us."
Days later, the day-care center's $1,950 check was returned, Wright said.
Club director John Duesler told CNN that he had underestimated the amount of children who would participate, and the club was unable to supervise that many kids. He called his club "very diverse," and said it had offered to let day camps in the Philadelphia area use his facility after budget cuts forced some pools in the area to close.
Wright has rejected the camp's contention that the swim club's pool was overcrowded. The club had accepted a 10-to-1 ratio of children to adults and was considering adding up to three lifeguards, according to e-mails obtained by CNN.
But John Duesler said last week that the Valley Club also canceled contracts with two other day-care centers because of safety and overcrowding issues.
The Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission launched an investigation last week after allegations of racism at the Valley Club. The commission said that as part of any investigation, the two sides eventually could be asked to sit down face-to-face with its investigators.
"We always encourage opposing parties to communicate with one another if they feel they can resolve these issues amicably," Commission Chairman Stephen Glassman said.

I'm with Wright on this one. The club's earlier statement about the fear that black and hispanic kids would change it's "complexion and atmosphere" shows some racial bias. The sudden about face by the club looks more like damage control than a sincere change of heart. Hopefully an apology to the kids will happen as well as reconciliation between the two organizations. 'Cause lawd know they don't want the twin terrors known as Jesse and Al to descend upon them with protests.

Gay Couple Gets Kicked Out of Restuarant

This would've never happened at Taco Bell. Five men were thrown out of Chico's Taco restaurant in El Paso, TX after two were seen kissing.

According to the El Paso Times, in the early morning hours of June 29 police responded to a call to a Chico’s Tacos restaurant in El Paso after security guards at the eatery ordered five men to leave the premises after two of them were seen kissing.

The restaurant patrons allege one of the security guards told them the restaurant didn’t allow “that faggot stuff” on the premises.

Under El Paso by-laws, it is illegal for restaurants to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, the ACLU says.

But, instead of enforcing the by-law, police allegedly threatened the restaurant patrons with a citation for “homosexual activity.”

According to the local Fox affiliate, police cited “a Texas law banning homosexual activity,” but “the law, however, has been struck down by the Supreme Court and is not enforced.”

The ACLU stated that the city forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, and police should have enforced the ordinance. The incident has also attracted protests from gay rights supporters, while one of the men, Carlos Diaz de Leon, has filed a complaint with police. Leon has been the victim of hate calls since the incident.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Spirit of Truth...Flowing Straight From The Survival Scroll!

Don't know what I'm talking about. Then sit back and grab a seat and watch the clips below. All I can say is the mind is a terrible thing to waste:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eye Candy: Omar Epps

It's been a while since I've showed some eye candy, so feast your eyes (and other assorted organs;) on Omar Epps. I've had a thing for this brother ever since The Wood. Smooth chocolate skin, impeccably trimmed mustache and beard (always a turn on for me), and a talented actor. Get into the pics below:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

D.C. Minister: Gays Are Inhuman

I don't even need to explain the insanity you're about to hear. Just watch Minister Leroy Swailes below:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's Your Idea of The Afterlife?

There's something I've only told a few people in my life. I've written extensively about religion (Christianity specifically) and its affect on my life. Most people talk about being instilled with the fear of hellfire and brimstone. For me, I came to the realization after years of living with this fear, that hell didn't add up. I mean how were you supposed to enjoy heaven knowing that some friend or relative was roasting and being tortured in hell for all eternity?

However, heaven didn't seem much better. I know that sounds crazy. I mean how could anyone be fearful of or dread a place of everlasting life and happiness. Let me explain.

First, many people go on and on about these mansions and crowns laid up for them in heaven. But this didn't seem to match with the talk of these new bodies everyone was supposed to have. You know, the ones that never get old, tired, hungry, sick, etc. I mean what exactly would these houses have in them? There'd be no need for food, beds, water, TV, computers, or anything. It sounded as unnecessary as streets being paved with gold. What does it matter?

I also heard many preachers and fellow church members alike say heaven would be one big nonstop praise party. Everytime I heard this, no matter how hard I tried to block it, I'd think: Forever? I can barely get through 90 minutes of church! How am I supposed to be praising His name and giving the glory for all eternity? And if we're all busy gettin' down for Jesus, what need is there for the houses? I mean would there be intermissions for everyone to chill out for a second?

In my view heaven is an extreme. And extremes, whether they be pleasant or terrifying, soon become cliche and boring. While I love the idea of a place where there is no pain, sadness or death, an eternity spent worshipping and serving a deity (pretty much the same things you spent your whole life doing) would likely become mindnumbingly dull after awhile. But I think what makes me the most uncomfortable about heaven was that it seems to symbolize the death of human creativity. No more new music, art, books, movies, fashions or technology to discover or celebrate. Instead things would become static and unchanging for all eternity.

With all this said, I still believe in an afterlife, however improbable or illogical it might seem to some. I just don't believe we die and that's it. My version of heaven (the afterlife, celestial plane etc.) is a place where not only is there no more suffering, death or sadness but where people's differences are celebrated. Constant change, creativity and innovation would be on display and everyone would have equal space to express themselves and be heard. Like a big performing arts school in the sky lol.

So what's your idea of the afterlife? There are no wrong answers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Queen Pays Tribute To The King

Madonna paid tribute to Michael Jackson at her Sticky and Sweet tour kickoff yesterday. It's simple but sincere. Watch it below:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pentagon Plans To 'Ease' Don't Ask Don't Tell

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is looking to change DADT by making the policy less restrictive. For instance, gay servicemen might not be discharged if their sexuality is exposed by a jilted lover or as an act of revenge.

Gates added: "What I discovered when I got into it was it's a very restrictive law. It doesn't leave much to the imagination, or a lot of flexibility."

defense secretary said one possible modification might be consider the circumstances under which a service member is "outed" in determining whether or not he or she must leave the military.

Gates offered as an example "when we're given information from someone with vengeance in mind or blackmail, somebody who has been jilted.

"If somebody is outed by a third party, does that force us to take action?" he said.

"That's the kind of thing we're looking at -- seeing if there's a more humane way to apply the law until it gets changed."

I've got an even better solution for making DADT less restrictive: get rid of it! Seriously, how can we as a nation say we offer everyone an equal opportunity to serve their country and then discharge qualified, dedicated soliders because they're gay. A growing number of Americans (79 percent to be exact) are supporting a repeal. Also, other countries, such Britain, Canada, Argentina and Germany, allow gays to serve openly and their armed forces haven't collapsed. Why can't people just admit that this is discrimination, plan and simple. Don't Ask Don't Tell is no different from when black and white soldiers had to serve in separate units.
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